Weekly Accessible Learning Activities: Sharks, Tattoos, Faces


Every Wednesday, we shine the spotlight on five student activities that support a wide range of learners. In this week’s roundup of accessible activities, we invite students to discover why people tend to see faces in everyday objects, to interpret an illustration of a high-flying act, to read about the changing attitudes towards tattoos in Japan, test their geography skills (using photos), and take a vocabulary quiz about snorkeling with sharks.

Note: This is our final weekly roundup of accessible learning activities for the 2021-22 school year. Visit our complete collection of accessible activities for a wide range of readers and writers.

1. Learn why humans can see faces, even where there are none.

Have you ever seen the image of a face where there was none? Maybe in a fire hydrant or a pile of rocks or a house? Believe it or not, it’s a natural thing that all humans do.

In this lesson, students learn how and why people tend to see faces in everyday objects. Then we invite them to experiment and try to find faces in their environment.

2. Interpret an image.

In this picture prompt, we invite students to look closely at an illustration and ask themselves the following questions: What do you think this picture means? How does it relate or comment on society or current events? Can you relate to it personally? What is your opinion on his message?

3. Find out how some young people in Japan are challenging traditional beliefs about tattoos.

In recent years, beliefs about tattoos have changed in Japan, especially among young people who spend time on social media.

In this lesson, students learn about these shifts in attitudes, then design an art exhibit using photographs and quotes from the article.

4. Test your geography skills using photographs.

We challenge students to test their knowledge of geography using photographs from around the world. How many of these 10 questions can they answer correctly?

5. Take a shark snorkeling vocabulary quiz

Students can test their vocabulary and reading comprehension with this quiz based on the Times article “A Free Diver’s Training Partners: Sharks”.


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