Weekly Accessible Learning Activities: Cell Meat, Emotional Intelligence, Palau


Every Wednesday, we shine the spotlight on five student activities that support a wide range of learners. In this week’s roundup of accessible activities, we invite students to learn about the cell chicken, reflect on emotional intelligence, interpret a picture with a brick above an egg, learn more about Palau and try to understand what is happening in a photograph.

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1. Learn how lab-grown chicken is made.

This Lesson of the day takes students behind the scenes of a lab that makes cellular meat like potential way to reduce the impact of industrial meat production. Next, they’ll weigh in on the cell meat debate and consider other climate-friendly foods.

2. Think about emotional intelligence.

In this Student review, students assess how well they are able to recognize emotions in themselves and others. They learn the elements of self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and socialization, and reflect on how they are able to implement these skills in everyday life.

3. React to a photo.

In this Image prompt, students look at an image of a brick on an egg and share what they think the image says and how it might comment on society or current events. They can share all their thoughts – including their personal relationship with the image – in the comments section.

4. Learn more about Palau.

In this country of the week, students take a quiz to learn about an island nation known for its wildlife and efforts to protect coral reefs. They can read an additional article about Palau or take another geography quiz.

5. Make observations on a photograph.

In this What’s going on in this picture, students look at an image from The Times and make observations and guesses about what might be happening. They can share their comments in the comments section and read what other students and comment moderators have said about the photograph.


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