Weekly accessible learning activities: ballet, parks, mental health crisis


Every Wednesday, we shine the spotlight on five student activities that support a wide range of learners. In this week’s roundup of accessible activities, we invite students to glimpse the daily life of a professional dancer, share what parks mean to them, watch a film about teen mental health, write on a picture and discover Hungary.

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1. Discover the life of a professional ballet dancer.

This Lesson of the day invites students into the world of James Whiteside, professional dancer at the American Ballet Theater in New York. Then students can write about their daily routine or research what a day in the life of someone they admire looks like.

2. What do parks mean to you?

In this Student review Students quickly learn about Frederick Law Olmsted, the landscape architect who designed over 100 public parks in his lifetime. Then they share a memory about one of their favorite parks and write about the importance of parks in their community. Students can share their answers with their classmates or in the comments section of the article.

3. Watch a film about the science behind teens and mental health.

This 15 minute film is part of our movie club series and investigation into the mental health crisis among young people. Students will watch the film and answer the questions: Why do so many American teenagers feel anxious, depressed, and even suicidal? What can be done to deal with this mental health crisis?

4. React to an image.

This Image prompt invites students to write a story or share their interpretation of an image. Students can share their writing in the comments section and read how other students reacted to the image.

5. Learn more about Hungary.

In this Country of the week quizstudents will identify Hungary on a map, learn about the country’s cuisine and even learn about a popular game.


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