VISPARK launches Spark Math and Spark Chinese e-learning programs in the United States


VISPARK’s two new programs, Spark Math and Spark Chinese, were developed with best practices from decades of educational research, cognitive science, and child-centered curriculum development. VISPARK’s online lessons are taught in small groups with interactive and fun tools and are guided by experienced local teachers who are passionate about helping children learn in a fun and engaging environment. The tutorial includes rich media content such as animations, games, and songs, to help make abstract concepts simple, concrete, and fun for children to understand and apply in problem solving.

Spark Math The curriculum is primarily modeled on Singapore’s best math framework and aligns with CCSS (Common Core State Standards) for Mathematics. The program combines some of the world’s best teaching methods to deepen students’ understanding of mathematics and its applications, including:

  • Singapore Math’s CPA (Concrete, Pictorial, Abstract) approach
  • Polya’s Four-Step Problem Solving Process
  • Heuristic method of teaching
  • Learning transfer approach

Based on learning maps and data analytics, Spark Math provides computer-adaptive testing, learning analytics, personalized learning solutions for students, and instructional planning for teachers online. Through the use of technology, teaching and learning are more personalized and effective.

Spark Education’s math programs have grown in popularity and demonstrated excellent results with its students in Singapore excel in various international mathematics competitions.

“We are delighted that students are enjoying the lessons. We are proud of our interactive tools and our small group live lessons which help our students learn better and develop a passion for mathematics”, commented in the program, Spark Education’s director of pedagogy, Reece says Min. “Most importantly, it has been a privilege to watch our students begin to love learning and gain confidence. They have grown into motivated, inquisitive learners who take pride in their own development.”

chinese spark offers several offerings suitable for learners with different backgrounds and learning goals. From students studying Chinese as a foreign language to students who are fluent in Chinese, there are programs to suit every student’s needs. The program focuses on promoting interest in language learning, integrating the fundamental structures of language with its practical application, history and culture. The immersive and interactive learning experience is complete with playful tutorial content designed by experienced educators and guided by fun and passionate teachers via one-on-one or small-group instruction.

For more information and to get your free trial, please visit VISPARK.


VISPARK is a global online learning service from Spark Education, designed for children ages 3-15. VISPARK’s top programs include Spark Math and Spark Chinese. The research-based curriculum comes with high-quality course content, interactive tutorials, and experienced teachers who are passionate about children’s learning. We are committed to providing a lively, fun and effective learning experience for children through our small group online lessons and one-on-one instruction to achieve learning outcomes, inspire a love of learning and build learner self-confidence.

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