Vancouver’s new LaSalle College building offers an optimal learning environment for media and design students



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At Vancouver’s LaSalle College (LCV), artistically inclined students learn applied skills that will prepare them for jobs in the industry they are passionate about. From game design, animation and culinary arts to filmmaking, interior design and fashion marketing, the college offers a program that will teach students to harness their creativity.

What sets LCV apart from other media and design schools is that it offers several degree programs, as well as diplomas and certificates. The college is considered by some to be the best school in Canada for game design and is one of only four schools in the country where students can earn a bachelor’s degree in fashion design.

In addition, LCV offers 12 months of continuing education to students who want to graduate quickly and enter the workforce.

“Our degrees are application-oriented and from the start of each program we start connecting students with industry representatives, some of whom are alumni, to learn industry expertise and to internships, ”says Dr. Jason Dewling, President of LCV. “As the students get closer to graduation, we’re starting to prepare them with resumes and interview skills. We even offer career counseling services to students six to 12 months after graduation, supporting them throughout their journey to employment. Whatever degree a student gets, it should lead to three letters at the end – a job. “

While it is exciting to go to school for something you are passionate about, it is even Following exciting to get meaningful employment in the field after graduation.

Other attractive programs, suitable for those with a knack for design and available at LCV, include: Baking and Pastry Arts, Hospitality and Catering Business Management, Bachelor of Science in Programming of games, a Bachelor of Design in Graphic Design and an Associate of Arts degree. For a complete list of programs,.

“We are the only degree-granting arts college in Vancouver that also offers certificate and diploma options to inspired and motivated students,” said Dewling. “It really allows our references to focus on preparing for work. Our students have a very high success rate when it comes to finding employment after completing their studies with us.

LaSalle College Vancouver

“This is a unique opportunity for us to build a campus from scratch,” says Dewling. “We had a great architect to draw up the plans and he engaged our students and professors in three different rounds of assessments. I believe we will end up with a building that will exceed everyone’s highest expectations.

In the new Kaslo building, students will have access to outdoor spaces, social spaces, indoor spaces for physical activity and a meditation garden. Its design was guided by the Fitwel certification system and the Rick Hansen Foundation accessibility certification. Both programs ensure that the building is developed with the health and accessibility of students in mind.

Fitwel’s standards ensure that the building provides an optimal environment for student learning. The specially designed education center will include plenty of carpool parking, wider stairwells to encourage the use of stairs, and healthier dining options.

In terms of accessibility, the Rick Hansen Foundation’s Accessibility Certification is a rating system that helps architects, planners and contractors develop a site with an inclusive design.

“The new campus will be wired for high tech because of our game design, animation and film programs,” says Dewling. “There is a strong demand for strong bandwidth, so the building itself will have a strong IT base to support the creative industries. “

It will also house ultramodern culinary kitchens, several makerspaces, a games room, and even a suspended theater that will serve as a multipurpose space. , a creative and independent high school, and Languages ​​Across Borders (LAB) Vancouver will also be moving into the Kaslo building.

Vancouver Mayor Kennedy Stewart said LCV’s new campus is one of the best things that has happened in the Renfrew neighborhood in a very long time. He strongly believes that Renfrew Village and the new Kaslo building will make a huge contribution to the quality of life in the community. People from all walks of life come together to live, work and learn in the Renfrew area.

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