Union Assurance Sisumaga + supports e-learning for children in daycare centers


Union Assurance Sisumaga + has lived by its philosophy of providing an uninterrupted education for every child by supporting an initiative to improve e-learning facilities in daycares located across the island.

Tablets and desktops were distributed to 397 child development centers serving 10,632 children across the country under the combined sponsorship of Union Assurance and seven other companies.

The pandemic has widened the gap in children’s education, especially with the digital adoption of learning activities. Many children have little or no access to a tablet or desktop computer, which puts their future at risk.

Union Assurance provided 50 devices to the Probation and Child Care Services Department as part of this year’s series of National Children’s Day programs under the theme “Children Come First”.

Union Assurance’s Sisumaga + is an insurance solution that helps parents plan for their children’s future, promising uninterrupted education for every child.

Union Assurance is part of the John Keells Group, one of Sri Lanka’s largest publicly traded conglomerates. It is among the most awarded insurance companies in Sri Lanka, completing more than three decades of success with a market capitalization of Rs. 16.6 billion, a life fund of Rs. 45.3 billion and a ratio of Rs. capital adequacy (RCA) of 300% in June 2021. In order to realize the Sri Lankan dream, Union Assurance offers life insurance solutions that cover the needs of Sri Lankans in education, health, investment, protection and retirement. With 76 branches and over 3,000 employees, Union Assurance continues to invest in people, products and processes with a customer focus to be responsive to emerging changes in the life insurance industry.

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