Top 5 Fun Learning Activities for Kids


Philadelphia, Pennsylvania You can have fun with your children while they learn by integrating learning activities in your daily routine. For example, you can participate in online language lessons or fun arts and crafts activities with your children. Below are some fun ideas and activists to make learning fun.

Online language courses

Spanish is the second most studied language in the world and is spoken by approximately 559 million people worldwide. Research shows that learning a second language at an early age boosts problem-solving skills, critical thinking, memory and concentration. In addition to stimulating creativity and overall cognitive development. Not to mention, it will help their career prospects and make them more open-minded and tolerant of other cultures. You can find the best custom, fun and affordable lessons for kids online.

Backyard Scavenger Hunt

The theme can be ANY. Do you have very young children learning the alphabet? Hide the letters in the garden. When they find them, they can tell you what they are, put them in order, find something in the garden that starts with that letter… the possibilities are endless! The same can be done with preschool math. Give the children a sheet with some basic calculations, for example, 1 + 2. Your children should find the answer somewhere in the garden. Do they need literacy practice? Write or type words on a sheet of paper. Hide the letters in the garden. Your children must find the correct letters to spell each word on their worksheet. Want to give it a seasonal theme? Hide paper turkeys, Christmas themed objects or eggs in the garden. You can link them to literacy or math and give your kids a checklist. When they find the objects, they check them off. Or they draw the objects they find. Use your imagination. Your backyard is full of treasures to offer you!

Gardening and planting

Teaching our children about nature, gardening and planting is not only fun, but teaches them essential life skills and can help with motor skills, language and scientific knowledge. Plant seeds and watch your child’s wonder as their plants grow. Plant vegetables and bring your children can’t wait to eat them, teaching them about nutrition along the way. Keep a planting and gardening diary with weekly observations of the garden. Go on a bug hunt and teach your kids about habitats. Use the garden as inspiration for arts and crafts projects.


It not only helps your kids develop their creativity, but also provides essential motor skills exercises like cutting and pasting. Like the treasure hunt, you can adapt this to any theme. Your children can learn about colors and mixing through painting. Cut, paste and color activities for math, literacy, science, history and more! There are plenty of resources on the net.

Cooking and baking

This is another great activity to teach your kids about nutrition, math, and science. Use food coloring, cookie cutters and edible sprinkles to get your kids cooking fun. Link to their favorite TV shows, movies or games. Do your kids love Dr. Seuss as much as mine? Discover some Recipes inspired by Dr. Seuss.

Whatever you do…

Remember that children will always learn more when they are having fun. So, follow their interests and personalities and watch them blossom.

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