This woman entrepreneur’s learning app for kids reached 1 million downloads in just 6 months


Prerna Jhunjunwala remembers his father asking him to address a gathering of 3,000 workers in his factory when he was only 12 years old.

“As I stood in front of them, I only remembered what my father had taught me: stay strong, never be afraid and believe in yourself. Throughout my growing years, there have been many instances and experiences where I have learned about the hard work, teamwork, commitment and dedication of my parents. When I look back I realize these are the best learnings of my growing years and I use them in all aspects of my life, ”she recalls.

Coming from a family of entrepreneurs, Prerna grew up in Calcutta and New Delhi, where she completed her studies. She then graduated from the NYU Stern School of Business.

Passion for educating children

Screenshot of Littlel Singham app

When she moved to Singapore, Prerna opened her first school, Little Paddington, with 60 children and 10 teachers. Today, she says she has more than 600 children of over 60 nationalities and 140 teachers imparting the best knowledge through various pedagogies.

Her passion for learning new things and education since her childhood led her to launch Creative Galileo’s Little Singham app for children aged three to eight last year.

“Having traveled extensively across India, I could never help but imagine the great divide that existed. While level I cities had excellent access to higher education, level II and III cities lacked these facilities. This deprivation made me realize that a good education is a privilege in India over the right of every child. Having seen this very early in my life, I decided to work towards democratizing education, making it accessible to children even in the most remote areas of India, ”she says.

It also highlights recent research that 94 percent of children in class 3 couldn’t do basic English and math. She aims to change this scenario with Little Singham – Early Learning App by providing quality content and learning experience for children in their founding years.

Prerna profited from the upheaval triggered by the pandemic as a result of which the education sector underwent a significant transformation. With the closure of schools, the sector saw a drastic shift in student online learning and related platforms and she saw an opportunity to create an online learning app for young children.

She explains, “Our app is based on popular children’s character, Little Singham. Having had the greatest exposure with the kids when building my school in Singapore, I realized there had to be an extra hook that makes learning fun for kids. For example, our favorite subject at school was also the one with our favorite teacher. We decided to feature their favorite characters as part of their learning where they can partner with them and feel a strong connection. “

Solid foundation in the apprenticeship years

While internationally, many apps focus on early character-based learning to make learning fun and engaging, for example, Peppa Pig, Sesame Street, Dora the Explorer and others, Prerna believes that there is no such app in India that caters for basic learning for children aged three to eight while still having fun.

Little Singham offers a program curated by award-winning creators for personalized, integrated learning.

“Our app is a character-based early learning app that aims to ensure that children have a solid foundation in the six learning areas of Numeracy, Language, Social and Emotional Development, Motor Skills, creative expression and discovery of the world. These areas of learning have been grouped into themes consistent with the learning videos, games and e-books, with one unifying concept to help children learn and retain their ideas, ”she says.

Prerna is helped by Anunay K, who has 16 years of experience in creating interactive digital games and platforms for children. He was associated with Walt Disney for eight years.

The free downloadable app targets children in the Indian subcontinent and sees downloads from Nepal, Bangladesh and Pakistan. In India, says Prerna, they’ve seen massive downloads from Tier II and III cities.

Prerna claims that in just a few months, the Little Singham app had one million downloads across India, with an average rating of 4.8 stars. It also saw up to 200,000 unique monthly active users during this period.

Currently underway, the founders are in conversation with leading Indian VCs to raise funds.

“We believe that Creative Galileo will become an online learning universe for children with several popular characters in the next five years. Our strategy is simple: penetrate the most remote areas of the country and strategically select edutainment content that can offer crucial reinforcement for learning. We’re looking at 10 million downloads over the next 18 months and adding regional languages.

“We are about to launch smart learning paths that assess children’s learning levels and plan their activities to meet their learning goals, providing parents with regular updates on their improvements,” said declared Prerna.

Edited by Teja Lele Desai


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