Team Nation launches learning app to level the playing field for athletes, with Steve Young by their side



LEHI, Utah, January 4, 2022 / PRNewswire / – Co-Founders of Moonshot Sports Whitney clayton, Matthew clayton, Chad Lewis, and Steve young are delighted to announce the national launch of Nation Sports Team (“Team Nation”), a web and mobile learning application created to bring professional level educational resources to motivated athletes and coaches who will maximize an athlete’s ability to acquire essential sport knowledge while promoting mentorship and personal development. The official launch date is January 4, 2022.

Starting with soccer, Team Nation is changing the way sports are learned by leveraging gamification to deliver short, competitive games to teach games and fundamental understanding of the sport. This approach differs from how football has traditionally been taught through hand-drawn plays, 3-ring binders, and traditional quizzes.

This is the first time that an easy-to-use game drawing tool with automatically generated learning games has emerged, and it is sure to make life easier for coaches. As part of the national launch, Team Nation is launching a product tour of training clinics across the United States, starting with the American Football Coaches Association 100th Anniversary Convention, Glazier Clinics and the Annual Conference of THSCA.

“To level the playing field is the dream of education; starting with football is the goal, ”said the co-founder of Team Nation. Steve young.

CEO of Team Nation, Whitney clayton, shares, “Teams are looking for new ways to teach soccer and assess proficiency. Tech-savvy teams are already experimenting with digital tools for watching movies and learning plays. Team Nation integrates tools for soccer. visual, written, auditory and kinesthetic learning on one platform to give coaches and athletes a competitive advantage. “

Coaches access a web-based platform with an intuitive game drawing tool and can draw on pre-built libraries of professionally designed games and sports content, such as course trees, penalties, defensive covers and terminology, to start their team’s playbook. It’s easy to illustrate concepts with a team’s own play movie clips.

Athletes compete in short and small matches against their teammates and focus on personal mastery in our mobile app.

Clayton continues, “We all know that learning technology is developing rapidly. There is an immediate opportunity for coaches and players to take it to the next level. Coaches want to maximize training time and mentor their athletes. We’re making learning fun with a revolutionary new platform. need and athletes understand. “

About the Nation team
Team Nation, is a sports learning app that provides intuitive education through gamification to advance team and individual mastery. Based at Lehi, Utah, the SIlicon Slopes technology corridor, founders of Team Nation, former CEO of Syberjet Whitney clayton, founder of the ski school Matt clayton, former NFL All-Star Steve young and Chad Lewis – seek to provide engaging technology to level the playing field by bringing professional-level learning resources to athletes at all levels of the game to help them outperform physically, mentally and strategically. For more information visit

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