Take the next step with our top picks for online learning


Learning is now accessible to more people than ever before, thanks to the miracle of the Internet. It has laid a solid foundation for millions of aspiring learners by creating vast learning opportunities for them while transcending geographic boundaries or other limitations.

As a result, they have more options than ever before to improve their skills, mindset and individualities in a process of learning at their own pace.

Here we enlist our top five picks for global e-learning platforms that are convenient, resourceful, and wallet-friendly.


To start with the obvious, we strongly recommend that you check out the YouTube “Learning” section, which can be found with a single click of the “Explore” sign on the YouTube website.


A noble attempt by Salman Amin Khan is now giving education from beginner to high school level to people of all classes all over the world with its vast content without forcing you to spend a single dime.

This non-profit organization has created over 6,500 easy-to-follow courses in subjects such as math, science, arts and humanities, computer programming, economics, to name a few. some, accessible to all, regardless of geographic location, financial situation or any other obstacle.


Coursera offers courses of all kinds to help you achieve your learning goals. Although you have limited options when it comes to their free courses, they do sell sales on their paid courses; especially during the pandemic, they reduced the price of many of their premium courses. So, you can take advantage of discounts and learn premium courses by purchasing them when they go on sale on different promotional occasions or periods.


Udemy is another well-known platform that provides standardized education for the masses for free. You can learn almost anything you want in your own learning environment with their 183,000 courses.

However, you are charged for some of these courses. You can browse or browse their free courses section to learn from their learning materials, which are free for that particular time period.

They too put their courses up for sale every now and then, so all you have to do is keep an eye out for such offers.


This is included in the list because it is also a reliable source to strengthen your knowledge in the field of study you are interested in, while ensuring full flexibility. You don’t have to take long courses because now you have the flexibility to choose, organize and control your learning experience. They offer over 3,500 courses.

Finally, some honorable mentions to sites like thecrashcourse.com, www.nptel.ac.in, online.stanford.edu, ict.iitk.ac.in, ocw.mit.edu, www.open.edu, www.alison.com, www.freecodecamp.org, www.futurelearn.com etc.

Although some of these platforms charge a certain amount of money for certain content or learning sessions, this list is compiled to present these educational platforms to help potential learners to start somewhere for free to reach their goals. unique learning goals.


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