Strengthening Our Safe Work and Learning Environment — A Letter from Acting President Lynn Wells – The Brock News


Dear Students, Staff, Faculty and Librarians,

At Brock, we can be proud of the diversity of our university community and the warm welcome our campuses offer to people from diverse backgrounds. Much of the progress we have made in this area is the result of the hard work of members of our own community, including the Human Rights Task Force and the President’s Advisory Committee on Human Rights, equity and decolonization (PACHRED).

Brock’s corporate strategic plan outlines our commitment to creating a safe working and learning environment for all members of our community, as well as our priorities related to fostering a culture of inclusiveness, accessibility, reconciliation and decolonization.

While we are to recognize the progress we have made and are making every day in this area, we must also constantly strive to improve. For this reason, Brock will take a number of steps in 2022 to strengthen its services and policy framework, and to ensure that we continue to promote effective practices related to inclusion, accessibility, reconciliation and to decolonization.

These steps will include:

I also asked Vice President, Administration, Ken Chan, to lead a review of Brock’s Human Rights and Equity Office (HRE). HRE was established as a resource to provide members of the Brock community with information, education, assistance and advice on issues related to human rights, harassment, discrimination and bullying . In the spirit of continuous improvement, the review will focus on HRE’s mandate, operational effectiveness, organizational structure and resources. The review will provide recommendations to the President by the end of the calendar year.

I look forward to engaging with all of you as this important project progresses in the months ahead.


Lynn Wells

Acting President and Vice-Chancellor

Provost and vice-rector for studies


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