Stormwater Maui to Offer Keiki Learning Activities at Maui Ocean Center


A member of the Stormwater Maui team uses an interactive model to demonstrate how precipitation and stormwater flow can affect a coastal environment. A program of the Highways Division of the State of Hawaii Department of Transportation, District of Maui (HWY-M), Stormwater Maui offers educational presentations to youth on pollution prevention and environmental protection from the island. Photo courtesy of HWY-M.

Stormwater Maui will be onsite at the Maui Ocean Center on August 20, October 15, and December 21, 2021, 9 a.m. to 5 p.m., with fun, hands-on activities for kids designed to help them learn more about protecting the marine environment. of Maui through stormwater awareness and pollution prevention.

Through interactive and educational models illustrating a coastal watershed and Maui’s stormwater drainage system, participants will be able to mimic rainfall and stormwater flow to visualize how pollutants can be transported from their various springs, into storm sewers, and eventually to the ocean and other bodies of water. Pollutants that enter Maui’s stormwater can cause significant damage to the island’s ecosystems. Young people can also get advice on how to prevent pollution generated by our daily actions and win fun prizes for their participation.

Stormwater Maui is part of the State of Hawaii, Highways Division of the Department of Transportation – District of Maui (HWY-M), which manages state highways in Maui in accordance with its commitment to protect the environment and protect the health and safety of the community. , including residents, employees and visitors.

“Stormwater Maui is an integral part of HWY-M’s mission to protect our island’s waterways, ponds and ocean environment from pollutants that can cause significant damage to sensitive ecosystems,” said Ty Fukuroku, Program Director, Environmental Management, HWY-M. “We are delighted to be able to collaborate with the Maui Ocean Center as part of their strong and informative Ocean Aloha initiative. ”

The Ocean Aloha at the Maui Ocean Center is an island marine conservation program aimed at further educating visitors and residents of all ages about the importance of caring for our natural resources for future generations. The program includes an array of educational and entertaining activities, including Hawaiian cultural exhibits and exhibits, activities designed for school-aged children, and opportunities to engage with knowledgeable marine naturalists.


Stormwater Maui will be offering its keiki activities at Discovery Plaza at the Maui Ocean Center. Entrance fees to the Maui Ocean Center apply; However, there is no additional charge to participate in the Stormwater Maui activity.

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