StockDaddy e-learning app gets over 20,000 registrations in one week


Dec 21 2021 16:17 STI

Gurugram (Haryana) [India], Dec. 21 (ANI / GIPR): EaseMyTrade, the Gurugram-based Ed-tech start-up, received a phenomenal reception when it launched its stock market learning app, StockDaddy.
The app launched Friday December 10, 2021 across all major platforms, including Play Store and App Store.
As of Thursday evening, more than 20,000 users had registered for various courses on StockDaddy. EaseMyTrade has targeted this app to a large part of society unable to get ROI due to lack of information and knowledge about stock exchanges.
As an ed-tech platform, StockDaddy guides people on how they can make a high school or could be the main source of income just by learning stock market skills.
According to Alok Kumar, 23, CEO and Founder of EaseMyTrade, “There are many benefits to trading on the stock exchange for businesses and individuals, but only a small population benefits. Majority of people still view trading and investing as gambling due to the prevailing misconceptions and myths. StockDaddy is an initiative to dispel all these negativities from the company and help them better understand the details of stock trading. “
StockDaddy began its mission to educate the masses about stock trading through short term online and offline courses. “The courses aim to develop a solid understanding of the stock market, while developing key intellectual and professional skills that will enable aspiring investors to be successful in all circumstances,” added Alok Kumar.
After people’s astonishing response to StockDaddy, the promoters of this app expect a subscription of one lakh by the end of the year and five lakhs by March 2022. Alok Kumar believes that instead to focus on competitors, companies should develop solutions that can meet both short and long term. long-term needs of their customers.
According to him, “StockDaddy is a holistic platform for learning, testing and practicing trading. Features like free self-study platform, podcast, unique study material, built-in notes, Regular updates on IPOs and technical analysis can effectively transform a novice investor into an expert. “
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