Small businesses led by women to benefit from mobile learning app


The Cherie Blair Foundation for Women, the ExxonMobil Foundation and ActionINVEST Caribbean Inc (ACI) yesterday launched a mobile learning app which was developed to help women owners of micro, small and medium businesses in low and medium income countries. intermediate.

The app, HerVenture, is expected to bring vital entrepreneurial skills and support to 3,000 women across Guyana by January 2022. The enhanced knowledge offered by the app is expected to help women become more successful in their businesses through the process. countries, bringing enormous benefits to families and local communities. and the economy, and ultimately help close the economic gender gap.

The app is currently available in Vietnam, Indonesia, Nigeria, Kenya and South Africa, having supported more than 41,000 women since its launch in 2018.

With support from the ExxonMobil Foundation, the app launched in Guyana yesterday at the British High Commissioner’s Residence in Georgetown and will be available free to women across the country to help them grow their businesses.

“I am delighted that we can bring it to Guyana today. We designed the app to be fun and flexible so that learners can integrate it into their lives. Some people juggle business ownership with unpaid domestic work and family care, ”said Foundation CEO Helen McEachern.

The training is delivered in the form of lessons lasting five to seven minutes and includes topics such as business case management, access to finance, digital marketing and e-commerce.

The HerVenture (Guyana) is now available for download.


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