Sleaford Schools are gearing up for face-to-face or online learning next term

Address by Principal Nick Law. EMN-211216-154917001

Following advice from the Education Department this week, some kids are being offered laptops to take home over the Christmas holidays in case there is a return to distance learning in the New Year and a phased return to classrooms.

Nick Law, principal of the Robert Carre Trust, which runs Carre’s Grammar School and Kesteven and Sleaford High School, was optimistic about the next term, but had prepared for it.

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He told Sleaford Standard: ‘The number of infections at both schools remains single digits and it has been like that for a few weeks, so the learning was able to continue and the students in years 11 and 13 were able to move on. their exams.

Speeches were given by Jess and Sophia at the Joint Robert Carre Trust Schools Awards Ceremony at St Denys Church in Sleaford. EMN-211216-154906001

“It’s important that they did because it’s part of the contingency plan if exams are canceled this summer. Another round of exams is scheduled for February / March for these students.

He added that the extracurricular activities continued with an excellent participation rate. “We have seen a return to normalcy over the past two quarters, but with some measures in place to ensure the safety of staff and students, such as breaks in areas, one-way systems around the school, age group and key scene. assembled rather than the whole school, and students mainly face the front in the classrooms. “

Quarter-end events also continued in one form or another: “We have tailored the quarter-end events to prioritize the safety of our community. We were able to organize our traditional Christmas lunch for students with senior management and we had an awards show in St Denys yesterday afternoon (Wednesday) for 12th grade students and a few 13th grade students, but without guests.

This meant that last year’s graduates could not return to collect their awards and certificates, as some had not completed their academic terms while others were worried about the potential spread of the infection.

A musical performance was given by acappella vocal group Jinx at the award ceremony at St Dionysius Church. EMN-211216-154927001

Mr Law said: “This was the first such event of its kind between the Trusts and it was a great occasion with students speaking and performing, and students receiving their GCSE certificates as well as achievement awards.

“The singing services are continuing with a reduced number and the musicians and singers are really excited about this, as are the students regarding the small group activities planned for the last day, such as the virtual staff panto and the virtual show. of talented students at KSHS and Grand Quiz de Noël at Carré.

As for the next term, despite national doubts, Mr Law said they positively anticipate going back to school in the next term as usual, except that all students will take a test. lateral flow on their return. This will be administered on site, in accordance with government guidelines.

Mr Law said: “If the government changes its plans, we are ready to go back to e-learning with pastoral systems and the technology available to support that. As always, we listen carefully to advice on balancing the mental health and well-being of our students with their physical well-being and that of their families.

Kesteven and Sleaford High School Year 7 are training prefects who decorated the school tree with decorations including messages from students and staff for loved ones who are no longer with us. EMN-211216-170752001

“We know that young people have missed out on many opportunities in previous closings and are keen to give them an uninterrupted education. We are awaiting government instructions for the New Year and are confident that staff and students will adapt as brilliantly as they have in the past.

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