SBI offers a free e-learning course for underprivileged math and language students


The SBI Foundation presented UpSchool, a digital learning program for students in grades 1-10 in partnership with Khan Academy. It aims to reduce learning gaps and build a solid foundation in math and language understanding for their current school year. Students or their parents can join the program for free at to receive learning links on WhatsApp for 4-6 weeks.

“We aim to promote growth and equality among disadvantaged communities and this program facilitates the same,” said Dinesh Khara, Chairman of State Bank Group. Each student will receive a digital certificate upon completion of the program. To be available in English, Hindi and Kannada, all resources available to parents and learners are 100% free.

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They can learn at their own pace and at their own pace from home. The program focuses on revising important concepts from the previous year in math and language comprehension. “It helps them bridge the knowledge gap and build a strong foundation for the new class,” the organization said.

Additionally, there are fun learning activities such as dance and yoga that students can participate in by visiting the learning links. Each week, students will receive a math lesson, a short story and a fun activity or exercise depending on their level and preferred language.

Vinay M Tonse, MD and CEO, SBI Funds Management Limited said, “As the new school year begins, our UpSchool Foundations program will ensure students are ready and better prepared. We are happy to extend this program to all students, equipping them with fun and interactive tools developed by experts, making high-quality localized educational content accessible to all. We are happy to work with Khan Academy to make this happen.

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Previously, the SBI Foundation and Khan Academy partnered to localize high-quality math learning content so students could learn in their preferred language. It contained new math lessons consisting of videos, articles and practical exercises in Punjabi for all learners in public schools in Punjab.

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