Samagra Shiksha Thiruvananthapuram project to study the learning environment of schools


The Samagra Shiksha, Thiruvananthapuram will conduct an infrastructure assessment in all government and assisted schools in the district, in addition to studying and intervening on five aspects in selected schools.

Collecting infrastructure data will help identify additional facilities that schools need. Results collected using Google Forms will be consolidated at the district level.

Next, groups of trainers and coordinators from the Samagra Block Resource Center (BRC) will visit nearly 100 elementary schools (grades I to VII) – one in 73 panchayats and the others in municipal and municipal areas. There they will assess the learning environment with emphasis on science parks, biodiversity garden, classroom library, etc.

For example, in the case of a classroom library, they will look at what books are in the library, if they are curriculum-related, if the library is accessible to people with disabilities, etc. They will provide the necessary support for the library to be able to fulfill its functions. This could take the form of organizing subject-related books or providing book shelves. The support of school resource groups will be solicited as needed so that the school and its surroundings are included in school activities.

Officials of Samagra Shiksha, Thiruvananthapuram district say that once they have an idea of ​​how the five aspects benefit students, the necessary support can be provided to schools to improve them.

The visit to the schools and the interventions will be made in the first week of August, and a report will be prepared. Then, representatives from all the BRCs will meet and review the development in the selected schools as a result of the interventions. Only then will the next stage of interventions be decided.

COVID-19, they say, has disrupted many activities in schools, and this assessment will help get them back on track and make further improvements.

The Samagra Shiksha will also conduct a study on the results of teacher training conducted during the summer holidays. The sample study will be conducted in schools under the Varkala block resource centre. The vacation training mainly focused on the implementation of academic master plans in schools. The study will examine how various aspects of the master plan are implemented in schools and what other supports need to be provided.


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