Reinventing Creative Careers With 5 Best Online Learning Courses


A growing digital age where most learning, including creative learning, is happening online. Due to Covid-19, there has recently been an increase in demand for online creative courses. For this reason, millennials are looking for online courses in nutrition and dietetics, screenwriting, acting, photography, jewelry design, or any other course to further their creative careers. As such, these five different online platforms offered offering creative courses in India and abroad can suggest ways to develop creative skills and pursue a career in your chosen field.

AAFT online-

Initiated in 2021 by Akshay & Mohit Marwah, AAFT Online is an innovative EdTech company whose mission is to advance media arts education internationally. It constantly strives to prepare students for the world of work by enhancing their employability through meticulously designed online certificate and diploma courses in media, journalism, fashion design, animation, visual effects, advertising, photography, lifestyle, film and performing arts. the aspirants. AAFT Online offers one-on-one mentoring sessions, hands-on exposure through assignments and projects, up-to-date content, interactions with experts from around the world, and dedicated placement support with the aim of transforming the Indian educational landscape through non-traditional methods. skills development methodologies.


On the Udemy platform, teachers can create online courses on the topics they find most interesting. Instructors can upload videos, source code for programmers, PowerPoint presentations, PDFs, audio files, ZIP files, and any other materials that students would find useful using Udemy’s course building tools.

Skills sharing

Skillshare, an online learning community for creative and curious people. Where thousands of lessons in subjects such as illustration, design, photography, video, freelance, etc. are available. Skillshare members come together to share ideas and advance their creative endeavors. With Skillshare, you can not only learn in-depth about a topic, but also access a much wider range of content and find what you’re looking for much faster.


MasterClass is an immersive online experience, for students of all levels, MasterClass offers online courses, which allow everyone to learn from the best experts in their field. Each course has been designed by the instructor and features a wealth of pre-recorded video material, interactive assignments and extracurricular activities.


One of the largest online learning platforms for education and skill development in the world is Alison. It is committed to enabling anyone to study anything, anywhere, anytime, online and at any subject level. Through our mission, we serve as a catalyst for good social change, advancing equality, prosperity and opportunity for all. committed to promoting equality and ensuring that everyone has access to education and training, regardless of gender, location, financial situation or any other barrier that often limits their potential.


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