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In today’s rapidly changing workplace, an increasing number of roles and responsibilities intersect with legal issues more than ever. In response to these changes, higher education has also evolved, with USC’s Gould School of Law being at the forefront of meeting these needs.
In 2016, USC Gould—ranked among the top law schools in the nation—launched its innovative online Master of Laws (MSL) degree, which helps non-lawyer professionals enhance their business expertise through essential legal education. From contracts and compliance to finance and human resources, cybersecurity and intellectual property, the online MSL program offers a unique specialized curriculum to give students a broad understanding of basic legal concepts.

About MSL and its benefits

USC Gould’s MSL degree is a career-focused program, providing students with skills and knowledge about important legal issues related to their professional fields. It has attracted lay professionals from a wide range of industries and sectors, including business, finance, media, entertainment, human resources and healthcare, among many other fields.
Students have the option of completing the degree 100% online and the option of studying part-time, making MSL an ideal format for balancing the demands of working hours. Much of the online courses and learning activities can be completed at the student’s individual convenience. Throughout the program, students are supported by a team of experienced advisors who provide personalized advice, from course selection to career development.
Taught by dedicated and distinguished faculty, including leading experts and scholars, the online classroom experience is collaborative and features small class sizes, allowing for greater interaction between students and instructors. Each class also offers live sessions, where students attend discussions together virtually in real time, further increasing learning opportunities.
No LSAT or GRE test is required; and no prior law degree is required either. USC Gould automatically considers scholarships for all applicants.
Plus, the benefits extend far beyond the classroom. Graduates of the MSL program have access to the global Trojan Family network, which includes connections to more than 14,000 USC Gould alumni.

Designed to achieve your goals

MSL students can customize their educational experience to meet their individual interests and career goals, pursuing certificates aligned with their respective fields. These certificate programs can be completed at no additional cost, as part of your MSL education.
Industry-specific certificate programs include:
• Business Law
• Law and entertainment industry
• Human resources law and compliance
• Privacy law and cybersecurity
• Compliance
• Financial compliance
• Healthcare Compliance
Recently, the MSL program expanded its popular online Entertainment Law and Industry Certificate with new course offerings covering entertainment industry transactions; digital media transactions; music law in practice; and Negotiation skills.

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