Praadis Education launches the Praadis Kids Learning app


April 16, 2022 10:58 STI

Bombay (Maharashtra) [India], April 16 (ANI/PRAADIS TECHNOLOGIES PVT LTD): Praadis Education has launched the Praadis Kids Learning application for students from kindergarten to second grade. Praadis Kids Learning app is one of the most engaging and effective elementary education apps that helps in the cognitive development of children. It is specially designed for junior children and preschoolers.
The Praadis Kids Learning app also hosts a special section on its platform called FUN ZONE. In this section, students can participate in many fun activities that also increase their knowledge and intelligence. The junior application includes four subjects English, Mathematics, Hindi, Environmental Science, Computer Science and Art Education.
The Praadis Kids Learning app curriculum has been dynamically designed incorporating lessons from NCERT, CBSE, ICSE and IB curriculum. Praadis Education has included a story-based learning concept. The method of “Praadis building blocks” is used for the conceptual learning of mathematics in children.
Innovative methods of live digital lessons as well as animations are used to enhance the child’s interest and concentration. The learning methodology used at Praadis Education is based on research and development by international scholars around the world to instill innovative learning in children.
Praadis Education for Juniors has extensive content for children, including rewards for children that help them learn better. Educational games as well as arts and crafts are included in the Praadis Kids Learning app.

In addition to the extensive content, students can also learn from ‘Praadis Digital Live Classes’. These courses are held regularly on a scheduled basis. Praadis Education regularly sends reminders to junior students via emails, messages or notifications to keep them informed of upcoming live lessons.
The Praadis Kids Learning app provides the highest quality study content for all subjects. The Praadis Fun Zone includes activities such as drawing, crafts, coloring, puzzle solving and award-winning games. The Praadis Kids Learning app is designed to help children sharpen their minds.
‘Praadis Playbook’ is an online book designed for junior children. It contains a series of animated pages teaching very important topics using beautifully designed graphic pages.
One of the greatest features of Praadis Kids Learning App is “Praadis Analytics” section where parents can check the key area of ​​interest for their kids.
Enroll your children today with the Praadis Kids Learning app and make your child’s educational journey joyful and stress-free.
Praadis Education is one of the world’s leading EdTech companies aiming to provide world-class education to millions of students. The company’s vision is to help the next generation of students by transforming stressful education into joyful learning. Praadis Education focuses on learning through play and storytelling for highly effective and enjoyable education.
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