Peruvian e-learning solutions provider Industria Elearning joins Moodle network of certified service providers


Industria Elearning is a leading Peruvian e-learning solution provider with a multidisciplinary team of experts who use agile methodologies and a partnership approach to deliver Moodle-based online education services. Moodle’s latest addition to the global network of 100 certified service providers, we welcome Industria Elearning’s expertise in assisting Peruvian educational institutions and organizations in their digital transformation.

Adapting to e-learning in Peru

“The transformation of the traditional learning delivery into an online model is a recent phenomenon in Peru and has been mainly accelerated by the pandemic,” explains Ramiro Guzmán Puentes, co-founder of Industria Elearning.

“In 2020, the Peruvian Minister, Martín Benavides, affirmed that the great challenge of higher education in Peru is to move from emergency distance education to virtual distance education and underlined that the digital transformation required a series of profound changes in the education system. We believe that Moodle is the system that can adapt to the needs of our nation. Being a Moodle Partner means bringing to every corner of Peru an incredibly powerful tool to enhance virtual education and training – a robust and accessible tool with scalability at scale.

Peru is marked by the underemployment of university and non-university graduates and the process of digital transformation in formal education institutions is therefore reflected in workplaces as a means of developing skills and preparing the labor market. job.

“Professional and personal development is recognized as a priority in order to optimize production processes, increase performance, productivity and minimize occupational risks,” explains Puentes.

For Industria Elearning, being part of the Moodle Certified Service Provider program means contributing to the growth and technological development of companies, institutions and universities in Peru, and more specifically, strengthening the use of Moodle in learning environments to extract the maximum potential of the tool. .

A client-oriented project approach

With a customer-centric approach, Industria Elearning uses a step-by-step project approach integrating the diagnosis, planning, projection and execution of the solution through a work plan with documented activities and deadlines to ensure implementation efficient and optimal implementation with the best technological practices.

This project approach was used with the CCE (Peruvian Chamber of Commerce), the main organization representing unions at the national level, and resulted in a Moodle platform and app to train over 10,000 Peruvian and Latin members. – Americans.

Industria Elearning offers a full suite of Moodle-based services including secure infrastructure architecture, support, course design, training, customization and analytics across all Moodle platforms including Moodle LMS, Moodle Workplace, l Moodle branded app and the Moodle Educator (MEC) certification program.

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