Paperboat Design Studios brings UtSide, an online learning platform offering cutting-edge AVGC training


With over 11 years in the industry, Paperboat Design Studios, which has served domestic and international clients, producing its own animated content, episodic TV series, movies and IPs, is now ready to make a foray into the EdTech sector. Through its “UtSide” initiative, the studio has taken responsibility for providing a skilled workforce to the entire industry. In collaboration with the best minds in the industry, UtSide has developed a personalized online learning platform that offers specialized courses for students and working professionals to improve their skills.

“The Paperboat team have been passionate creators and learners of the craft. Their own need for professional and specialist artists as well as the demand from the AVGC industry led them to take this initiative. The demand for specialists is enormous and can only be trained by seasoned professionals, hence the need for specialized programs designed and delivered online by professionals in animation, visual effects and games”, co-founder and managing director of UtSide Private Limited , Puneet Sharma told Animation Xpress when talking about the launch of their platform.

When asked whether the students coming from the training institutes are ready for the industry or not, Sharma said, “Students coming out of the training institutes are qualified for departments such as modeling, texturing, rotary and painting. But the skill level of specialized departments such as creature FX, FX, appearance development requires expert training by working professionals, as well as innovative training and feedback mechanism used in studios.

UtSide offers a one-year specialization course designed and delivered by industry experts on the custom learning platform for AVGC training. Their online learning campus gives students access to course curriculum content, live class schedule, asset library and resources for assignments, video commentary, live recordings, and more. .

Each batch will have 10 students assigned to a single mentor. Honors programs will be led by industry experts and international experts will host “Friday Masterclasses”.

At the end of the program, the student creates an impressive production-relevant Show-reel which helps in securing the desired employment in renowned studios in India and abroad.

HR personnel from the various studios will have access to the e-learning platform to post their requirements, search and shortlist candidates. Students will be able to submit their resume and demo through their login access. Video testimonials from students and their mentors will be available for viewing. HR can pre-screen, review reels of the show, and conduct live interviews online.

The Edtech platform will feature regular on-campus activities such as competitions, weekly webinars, one-on-one online interviews with experts, and 360-degree VR videos of the workshops will be a crucial part of engagement with students.

With advanced courses in animation, visual effects and games, UtSide’s online delivery platform is designed with their motto in mind, a combination of four I’s: Imagination, Interactive, Immersive and Intelligence.

You can connect with UtSide during the Eduspark Summit on May 14. Register now


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