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Zoom video conferencing software has become such a phenomenon since its launch in 2011.

Zoom was just a platform used for business meetings, but when the world was forced into lockdown due to the pandemic, it became a go-to for everyone and everything.

Zoom meetings have been used for online learning, business meetings, birthday celebrations, funerals, and broadcasting life achievements. He easily became the go-to for all the things that couldn’t be done face-to-face.

Although Zoom is very effective for its purposes, it does not lack advantages and disadvantages for online learning. Students hate or love it.

Some students don’t think online learning is good for them, and it’s hard to concentrate in Zoom classes. Kara Jane West, a GHC student majoring in psychology, said she could stay focused for 10 to 30 minutes in an hour-long class meeting.

I appreciate Zoom for replacing phone calls and emails that I would have long wait times for, but I can’t say it’s beneficial for my online learning.

The struggle to stay awake during a Zoom session is very difficult. The strain on the eyes is quite harsh and staring at screens for most of the day doesn’t help.

I can stay awake for up to 30 minutes in a Zoom session. I have to take care of some form of activity. Whether sipping tea with my camera off or taking a walk.

The idea of ​​teaching via Zoom is also very trying for teachers. Elizabeth Dose, professor of psychology, said there is an abundance of research this suggests that Zoom sessions create fatigue.

I often fall asleep 20 minutes after watching a movie even though I’m intrigued, so Zoom sessions are like bedtime podcasts to me.

Increased concentration on a screen can be very tiring for the central nervous system and breaks every 10 minutes are advised to lengthen its attention.

Online learning offers the luxury of working at your own pace, but there is no real benefit if the information is not retained.

Hannah Jenkins, a nursing student at GHC, said the only benefit of Zoom sessions is that she doesn’t have to travel to campus to attend classes.

Zoom sessions are ideal for students who want and want to engage with other students and professors. However, some introverted students feel they communicate better in writing.

I can thrive in both settings, but I understand those who just don’t care about online learning.

Some students are practical learners and need a hands-on approach to understanding.

Michelle Pineda, a GHC student majoring in psychology, said online learning leaves her feeling unfinished even as she completes her work.

Being able to stay home, log into a Zoom session, and finish my work on my time just works for me.

The workload becomes overwhelming and I lose focus, but I wouldn’t trade it for anything in the world.

Zoom sessions with an engaging teacher for a short period of time can be beneficial for many, but students’ varying levels of focus and energy will never make this type of learning effective for some.


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