Online learning helps screen time consumers become digital creators


PHOENIX – All kids crave more screen time. wants to make this time meaningful and fun by sharing online coding lessons for kids of all ages and skill levels – all for free!

From kindergarten to high school, children can learn to create video games and smartphone applications. All thanks to easy-to-follow lesson instructions.

Time spent learning to solve problems could one day lead to careers focused on high-tech innovation, according to Beth Nickel, director of studies at the Arizona Science Center who leads the program.

“They’re having fun! They create this avatar and then program it to create a dance they can show their friends,” Nickel said.

Nickel tells ABC15 that there are also many benefits for parents who sign up.

“You can speak the same language if you know they are working on an activity or an app, you can have a common language between you. They also have lots of really fun hands-on interactive activities where families and students can create their own game or their own application using the resources offered by”

The creators of are on a mission to put computer science in the hands of students, teachers, and educators to help build fundamental understanding.

Nickel shares that programs like these will help build the talent pool to fill Arizona’s high-tech jobs of the future.


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