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Lockdown learning has not only changed where students learned, but how. Remote and distance learning has opened up opportunities for children and young people around the world. Quality online schools have flourished and continue to do so, as indicated by their A-level and GCSE results.

This article is included in the fall issue of Think Global People magazine (5831k).Exam results from King’s InterHigh, an inclusive and non-selective online school that accepts admissions at any time of the year, have ensured students get the results they need to continue to the university of their choice . Among them is Thomas, who has achieved four A*A levels and will take his place at the University of Cambridge to study the natural sciences and hopefully fulfill his ambition to become a researcher in sustainable agriculture.“We are delighted to announce another year of wonderful A-Level results and academic achievement for sixth-grade students at King’s InterHigh,” the school said. “Our Class of 2022 has shown that flexible, high-quality online learning can lead to great exam results, a pathway to higher education, and a pathway to future dreams and aspirations.”Thirty percent of A-levels were at grades A*-A and 70% A*-C. “These are results the school community can be very proud of,” said Ashley Harrold, Chief Executive Officer. “The students have once again demonstrated their excellence and dynamism. The results obtained by our Class of 2022 students will certainly give confidence to our younger age groups as they approach their own exams. I want to thank the teachers and staff at our online school who have trained and supported this cohort to such a superb standard.”

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Harrow School Online nurtures human connection

The first cohort to take A-level exams at Harrow School Online is also celebrating: 98% achieved A* to B grades, and nearly half (45%) were A* grades. Just under 70% of students got an A* in at least one of their subjects, while a third got A*s in every subject they chose. The pioneering mixed student body, made up of learners from the UK, Australia, Sri Lanka, Spain, India, Romania and more, studied exclusively online throughout their sixth form schooling .Heather Rhodes, Founding Director of Harrow School Online, said: “I am immensely proud of our promotion this year. These talented learners have demonstrated great levels of intelligence, confidence, resilience and ambition throughout their time at the school. Their results are proof that at its best, online learning can achieve results that match or exceed those of a physical school.“Online learning has been seen by many as a second-best option, but we have seen our students exceed all expectations. Our results show that when ambitious students enjoy greater independence and flexibility in how they learning, they reach the best of their potential. “The domain of Harrow School Online is one of independence, entrepreneurship and, above all, human connection. Through our supportive international community of learners, challenging electives, and empowering student-led societies, and more, our learners are stepping forward to shape the communities and workforce of tomorrow .

The 21K School – a growing international community of learners

Quality online schools offering the American and Indian curriculum, as well as the UK curriculum, are also flourishing and catering to the needs of a wide range of relocating families. Among them is the award-winning 21K School, India’s first online-only school. It provides quality teacher-led education to students from a thriving community that currently represents more than 54 countries and more than 40 nationalities.Since its inception in 2020, 21K has grown into a community of over 6,000 students who can choose to take the Indian, American or British curriculum wherever they are in the world. A key component of the 21K School’s unprecedented success is that it helps make successful domestic and international relocation a reality for more families. This includes those with globally in-demand IT skills on back-to-back assignments.“I lived in Dubai for eight years and saw the cost of raising children there,” says Santosh Kumar, co-founder and CEO of 21K. “A lot of Indians working in Dubai don’t even bring their families. Encounter with Yeshwanth [Raj Parasmal – Co-Founder and COO], we have created a solution to this; as well as for parents who want quality education and seamless education in tier three or four cities; for others where the school travels with their children; and for those who need more time for other activities outside of school.

This article is included in the fall issue of Think Global People magazine (5831k).


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