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With all the ups and downs the American education system can endure, there is no doubt that one of the most significant changes has been the closing of schools in 2020. For educational institutions, that meant having to transform. and grow with their students as online learning. has become the new normal.

Annalize Scialabba, senior at Sonoma State University, said: “[The shift] was both positive and negative. The good thing was that I was able to do class work in my spare time, which made the lessons easier to learn. However, she also saw this as a negative point: “I would get distracted and wait until the last minute. ”

The move to online classes was a slowdown time for many students, but the circumstances might not have been the best given the number of people who were struggling to adjust and continue to suffer.

Olivia Smart, senior at SSU, shares her opinion on the negative side of online learning, stating that it is difficult, “Not being able to concentrate as well and having to adapt in a different field while doing school so far from my [sorority] sisters and friends.

Unlike Smart, Nathan Salimi, a junior at SSU, saw the lack of distractions as a blessing as he could have time to push himself physically and mentally ”,[With the] the few people-to-people contact I had, I was better able to focus on myself and grow as an individual.

However, Salimi said he and his friends had “the lack of desire to learn in school after classes went online.”

“It can be very disconnecting in a way… the technology has really helped! Being able to face, text, or call people was really the one thing that got me through this tough time. Without this kind of technology, learning and making connections would not be possible! Said Intelligent.

Many students took advantage of the switch to online classes to explore their passions and hobbies outside of schoolwork. Others, however, felt that the workload only increased.

Scialabba was unable to focus on other passions, “My brain was full of things I had to do for school.” As a result, online learning became more stressful and she was completely isolated at home as all of her classes were completely online.

Smart, however, liked the flexibility of his new schedule, appreciating: “The opportunity to have a job and a high position in my sorority.”

Salimi said, “It gave me the freedom to devote more time to activities that I enjoy. Salimi was also able to “work harder and pursue my passion for investing in the stock market with the money I earned through work.”

While many schools are returning to face-to-face classes, it doesn’t look like online learning is happening anytime soon. The world of education changed completely when the pandemic took hold, causing stress among students around the world. However, it seems that as we come out of it, students are able to reflect and understand how they may have grown as a person adjusting to these difficult times.


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