Noggin Preschool Learning App Product Review

Teachers should be aware that this quickly fills up storage space on a device (teachers can set a storage limit in the settings section). Closed captioning is available in the broadcasts. There is also a section that features content in Spanish. Before accessing the app, educators must register with an email address, create a child profile, and agree to the subscription terms. Since much of the content is streaming video, educators should make sure they have a strong internet connection for better usage.

The Noggin preschool learning app has limited customization options, no teacher controls, and no data tracking. It therefore works best as a self-service learning station. If educators want to control what learners use, they can download content and then go offline. However, by doing this, educators will severely limit what learners can access, as content quickly consumes storage space. Teachers can also choose clips or full episodes that target a relevant learning theme and watch them together with the whole class. It will, however, be up to educators to create off-screen follow-up activities.

Due to its super familiar shows and characters, the Noggin preschool learning app is very appealing to children, but it may not be so appealing to educators. The quality of this massive collection of preschool content is mixed. Classics like Dora the Explorer and Blue’s cluesas well as newcomers like Franklin and his friends, offer a quality preschool offer. There are also interactive episodes, which allow children to take a little more active role rather than passive watching. The games tackle typical preschool learning themes, but sometimes do so in creative ways. “Sets” that feature a handful of activities centered around a targeted learning topic, such as syllables, can help educators focus on a particular skill. And kids who are hesitant to do their homework may appreciate being able to play games with a favorite show or character. Social justice content, NASA content, and a podcast also expand the reach of educational content.

On the other hand, the main downsides are a confusing layout and a complete lack of teacher controls or customization options. The Noggin preschool learning app is huge, with lots of content presented in a cluttered menu that could easily overwhelm young children. The content is so mixed that it’s hard to find what you want. For example, there’s no way to filter out full episodes versus short clips, so it’s impossible to distinguish between a clip that will take a few minutes and one that will be half an hour long. And educators have no option to personalize what children see. One way to work around this issue is to download selected content to your device and then disable internet access. Unfortunately, this solution will quickly eat up a lot of memory and severely limit what kids can do with the app.


Overall user consensus on the app

Student engagement

Familiar shows and characters are very appealing to children. But without customization options, the large collection of content can be overwhelming.

Curriculum and Education

Popular shows have sometimes incorporated lessons. Some interactive games use creative approaches to standard preschool learning themes.

Customer service

Individual games have clear instructions, but overall navigation can be confusing. There are no tools for educators to track learners.


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