Nigeria company launches e-learning app for teachers and schools


Acadasuite, a digital platform, has launched its mobile app which covers school management, online learning and the virtual school system, as well as curriculum content and additional programs.

Speaking at the launch in Lagos recently, Acadasuite’s content manager Mr. Olufemi Eribake said the app, which works offline and online, has been developed to address the challenges posed by COVID-19 , which forced the federal government to close schools. Across the country.

“Development has kept many students out of the school learning environment, and even after schools reopen, few schools have enough teachers to teach all subjects. But with our app, which is aimed teachers and students, including schools, this will allow teachers to have access to a digital platform from which they can teach their students in a virtual classroom, while allowing students to have access to all subject teachers, ”he said.

Demonstrating how the app works, Acadasuite project manager Mr. Enyika Iheanyichukwu said that the app would come preloaded with an approved curriculum, which the teacher could rely on to teach students in online, or create brand new content on the platform to teach students.

Students can subscribe to the app with as little as N200 per subject and get quality education on any subject they choose, Iheanyichukwu said, adding that the app will be used for both offline operations. and online, to enable parents who cannot afford data for virtual learning, purchase preloaded Acadasuite devices that have been bundled with an approved curriculum for all elementary and secondary subjects. With such devices, students can learn offline without using data.

Iheanyichukwu further stated that the content of the app will be presented in the form of video and text, which will allow all categories of students to use the app, including visually impaired students.

He explained that Acadasuite has created an opportunity to bring so many teachers and students on board the digital platform, providing training opportunities for all teachers on the platform on how to use the digital platform. The goal is to bring up to one million students and 10,000 teachers to the platform by the end of 2022, Iheanyichukwu said.

“The digital platform offers feedback, where students can ask questions in a virtual classroom and get instant answers. “, added Iheanyichukwu.

According to him, the online learning and virtual classroom solution would allow public schools, which do not have all subject teachers, to still teach all subjects to their students, when they subscribe to the digital platform. , which he said would also address the challenges of the lack of qualified technical teachers, the lack of technological and scientific infrastructure, including the high cost of bandwidth for Internet connectivity.


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