New e-learning program for early childhood teachers.


COVID has forced this gardening educator to launch a new online learning program for early childhood teachers.

A new online gardening program – Gardening with Tamariki Online has been created to help the early years sector incorporate gardening into their curriculum on a regular basis by Anita Croft of Growing Kiwi Gardeners.

Involving children in gardening is more than learning how to sow a seed or plant a seedling. It is a holistic learning experience where children can learn math, science, literacy, social skills, leadership skills, and emotional competence.

Based on the successful hands-on gardening program that Anita ran at Christchurch Childcare Centers for four years, this one-year program includes eight modules of gardening information, videos and hands-on experiments. learning that teachers can use with children to build a sustainable environment. and productive garden.

But that’s not all… The program includes a monthly webinar for all participants, providing support and detailed information on what you could be doing in the garden during the month as well as an online community to share ideas and To ask questions.

Anita said, “With this program, teachers can be confident in their gardening with children with support every step of the way. The value of the program lies in the monthly webinars and online community where teachers can ask specific questions and build relationships with other teachers interested in gardening with tamariki.

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