New ‘Bansho’ learning app offers small videos for children


NEW YORK, Oct 13, 2020 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) – Today, Bansho, the free learning mobile app that offers entertaining, small-sized video lessons created by educators for kids in Kindergarten to Grade 4 year, was officially launched. Now widely available in app stores for iPhone and Android, Bansho will provide a respite for parents as they continue to browse safe and age-appropriate social apps for their children. Current subjects currently include math, reading, world languages, science, social studies, dance, art, music, social-emotional skills, and more to come.

Built in partnership between parents and approved educators, Bansho is the perfect app for even the most reluctant learners with its fun and interactive ‘Swipe & Learn’ approach to learning. Bansho progressively better understands your child’s interests to create a tailored experience and engages them in a safe and private environment whenever needed.

As many parents struggle with today’s chaotic learning environment and unhealthy media habits, Bansho provides a safe and nurturing environment for children to explore online content with minimal parental supervision. Using the app’s analytics, parents and guardians can gain valuable insight into their children’s learning progress. Parents can be confident that their children are receiving quality learning from top educators when Bansho is the source of their screen time.

Bansho also partnered up with Cat & Nat, hilarious best friends and multimedia personalities, who quickly became the app’s most ardent advocates. The self-deprecating and slightly sardonic duo, who face the trials and tribulations of motherhood head-on, turned to Bansho to engage their seven children throughout this new standard of home learning.

“We always monitor what our children are doing when they use mobile devices” said Chat & Nat. “It’s a breath of fresh air to know that an app like Bansho exists to minimize our worries by making sure our kids can’t stumble upon content that isn’t age-appropriate. And of course there is the added bonus that all of the videos have an educational layer which is fun and inspires them to learn. ”

“We all know how often a child wants to be on their tablet, and we believe screen time can be time spent doing something stimulating and healthy.” said Prannoy Nambiar, co-founder and CEO of Bansho. “That’s why we’ve partnered with both parents and educators to create an app that lets young children learn while having fun, while giving parents the tools to track progress along the way.” . At Bansho, we use technology to fuel creativity, not to stop it.

“My time in class has shown me that teachers can engage learners in so many different and exciting ways” said Allison Martinez, one of Bansho’s science teachers. “Bansho is the epitome of it. I can create short videos that explain concepts in a quick, engaging, and fun way for kids. It is the perfect addition to my classroom lessons and is particularly useful for involving students in distance learning environments. “

Bansho is the brainchild of Michael Scissons, a Canadian tech entrepreneur and proud parent, and Prannoy Nambiar, a former educator turned entrepreneur focused on building the future of learning and education. Together, Scissons and Nambiar co-founded Bansho on the shared belief that bringing together the best educators for the common good through technology will help level the playing field for children around the world.

Bansho is a free learning app that provides kids in Kindergarten to Grade 4 with shortened mobile videos from educators around the world. Parents can now be comfortable knowing that their children are learning and engaging with quality content offered by educators to reach their highest potential.

Bansho puts parents in control by letting them set their children’s learning preferences, giving them access to video lessons from educators around the world, and even sharing valuable information to monitor their children’s progress. Bansho is a companion for all young learners looking for ways to learn math, reading, language arts, science, social studies, dance, art, music, social learning emotional and other concepts on the go.

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