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The video featuring the moms and their daughter receives high praise from internet users.

Parents are constantly looking for ways to get their little ones interested in learning activities. It is not always easy to get a small child’s attention and keep them focused during the activity. That’s why a video shared by two moms showing a technique that works for their daughter is getting a lot of praise from internet users.

The video was posted on an Instagram page called “dna_williams”. The video shows little Wyatt’s mothers sitting across from each other. While one is holding cards and saying different words, the other is saying the word out loud. Wyatt can be seen playing with his toys at first, but slowly takes an interest in the activity.

“How we involve Wyatt in the learning exercises,” explains the caption shared with the video.

Watch the video below:


Posted on September 8, the video garnered several likes and was also shared on various Instagram pages. Several people also posted comments on the share.

“I like that! Good idea!” posted an individual. “It’s a good idea! I’ll try this with my child soon. Thanks for the idea!” writes another. “Wow that’s an amazing idea… definitely use it for the future,” shared a third.

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