MLA provides free learning app for students, increases parent-teacher interactivity


Kerala Government Minister of Education and Labor V Sivankutty inaugurated an education project on Wednesday March 16 at St Xavier’s Higher Secondary School in Peyad. The project will provide a free learning app to students in the Kattakada assembly constituency under the comprehensive education-friendly program “Kattal Educare”.

The project

Member of the Legislative Assembly (MLA) IB Satheesh initiated the project. The free learning app will include pre-recorded video lessons, online assessment programs and value-added components such as lectures for personality development and spoken English.

The MP said the project would be a game-changer for everyone; students, teachers and parents.

He said: “There will be a separate connection for parents and teachers. Parents can observe the education of their children, and it will strengthen the teacher-parent-student relationship. Besides, it will help to improve the development personality of the students, and the schools will also be upgraded internationally,” quoted The New Indian Express.

The application will be available in web and mobile version so that students can access it with any device, whether mobile, tab or computer. The app will send important SMS or email notifications to users and will have features for everyone; students, teachers and parents. It will consist of an integrated video classroom storage and an online classroom facility to deliver and assess student assignments. It will also help teachers and parents interact effectively in daily school activities.

Software development by an IT startup

The software is more like the Smart PTA app as it will provide user representatives with an observer login to monitor progress online. The software was developed by IT startup L2 Labs, incubated by the Kerala Startup Mission. The Managing Director (CEO) of the development company, Lavanya VS, said the app will bring parents together as it is a comprehensive project suitable for education.

She said: “The main objective is to create a hybrid academic continuity that integrates parental care and teacher mentoring in the context of Covid. The project will benefit over 20,000 students and 100 schools in the region,” said quoted the publication.

Launch and implementation of the project

The project will be officially launched in June, once schools reopen after the summer holidays. Ahead of its launch, training programs for teachers and parents will be conducted for the next two months, which began on Wednesday, March 16. Sivankutty said at the event that the use of information and technology would bring about significant changes in education. sector.

The project will be implemented in two phases; Initially, access to the app will be provided to students in public and subsidized schools in the constituency. While in the next stage, students from non-assisted schools will benefit from the project.

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