Ministry of Education Launches Project to Promote Positive Learning Environment for All Children | Culture & Society


Ammon news – The Ministry of Education on Tuesday launched the project “Promoting a Positive Learning Environment for All Children” in cooperation with the Japan International Cooperation Agency (JICA).

The project aims to provide quality education to children in accordance with the objective of human resource development by ensuring access and equity for all students.

In the presence of the Chief Representative of JICA, Chie Miyahara, Minister of Education, Wajih Owais, praised the partnership between the ministry and JICA, praising its continued support for the development of education in Jordan.

He also highlighted JICA’s role in establishing the common goal of providing quality education to all students in Jordan through the preparation of necessary plans and the design of educational interventions and activities aimed at to strengthen the educational environment by supporting children.

He said he looked forward to increased cooperation and partnership in the pursuit of improving the educational environment.

For his part, Miyahara pointed out that Jordan stands out for its high level of statistics in the field of education in the region, but that there are challenges such as overcrowding in classrooms and decreasing time. study at school which leads to the dropout of many students. from school. These challenges must be met to achieve the Sustainable Development Goal (SDG), which is to provide education for all and leave no one behind.

She praised the Jordanian government’s efforts to support children who drop out, noting that the review of the ministry’s strategic plan for education (ESP) in December 2021 was based on the adjustments needed to provide such support.

She recalled Japan’s pioneering experience in achieving educational attainment levels through high-quality education based on creating a positive and comprehensive learning environment for all children, including those most vulnerable to dropout. .

The project aims to create a model of a positive learning environment to create an environment in which children feel safe and encouraged, including the development of guidelines for school activities for use by teachers and principals. from school.


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