Meet India’s First Influencer Who Launched His Learning App To Educate Young People About Crypto Trading


Budhil Vyas, a previously known crypto influencer. Who is a very well-known crypto influencer, who influenced people through his leading Indian crypto channel on YouTube known as Crypto Talks. His channel has grown too much with a subscriber of 1 lakh 15 thousand and above.

Vyas is only 23 years old. He was born in 1998, in Rajasthan Bikaner, a place called Napasar. Budhil was gifted in studies since childhood, with this he completed his education from a private school in Rajasthan Bikaner and his college in Bangalore from New Horizon College of Engineering.

At the age of 23, Vyas devoted himself to his work and realized what he was fundamentally looking for. He is one of the biggest Crypto influencers, his influence on Youtube has brought him great success and made his journey of influence more fascinating.

His Youtube journey started in 2020 and in this first year he faced huge difficulties which made him grow. His goal, his desire was just to influence young people and hit them with the idea of ​​remaining financially independent and self-funded. He wanted to influence the younger generation and free them from financial burden and wanted them to be self-sufficient.

Budhil’s Accomplishment in This Crypto Currency Period

Budhil Vyas not only influenced but he was also appreciated for his journey of influence, Vyas won big awards at this age also 3 years+ of experience as a data analyst/data scientist, he has was invited to Dubai as a keynote speaker at the blockchain summit, one of his big achievements right now, he was also awarded Youtube silver play button and top crypto influencer.

He is a complete open book as a crypto influencer who is a good knowledge distributor, in the sense that he works very hard on his influencer part where he shares all the knowledge he holds and thinks is important to his followers and subscribers.

Budhil has made a decent presence via online media scenes
Budhil has made a perfect presence on social platforms which is now the most necessary part of every human being. His presence on social networks has changed his influence a lot. This has allowed his followers and followers to learn and gain knowledge through his tips, crypto talks, and tackles.


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