Make way for the best visual learning app for CBSE, GSEB, “JOTOBOTO”.


The best English learning platform available online with the best animations and visuals has already made headlines.

It is so amazing to know and learn about all these people and professionals who believe in going beyond the usual and the conventional. These professionals and entrepreneurs make sure to cross borders in order to reach their highest potential and level of success, but above all, to add more value to the lives of others through all that they offer to through their brands and businesses. At the top of the list is one such amazing mind, the founder and mentor of a growing online learning platform, JOTOBOTO, named Jacqueline Chinai, who believed in his vision of improving the learning in india with an amazing online platform and today has turned this idea into a reality providing the best English and social science online learning experience for CBSE and GSEB students.

Very few brands and companies have delighted people around the world by offering something that cannot be found anywhere else. JOTOBOTO is effortlessly establishing itself as one of those digital platforms in the education sector that not only focuses on providing students with the best courses and learning materials taught by the best teachers and tutors, but also about providing education to students in an unconventional way based on animations and visuals. The Founder’s clear goal here is to provide students with a unique English and social studies learning experience that can strengthen their foundation while helping them learn in a fun way where things become easy to grasp at first glance. using meaningful videos and visuals.

JOTOBOTO helps students learn the program in a very fun way, where they cover every topic through engaging videos, making everything convenient and easy for them to learn through their smart devices with just a few clicks. Jacqueline Chinai, who has 35 years of experience teaching English and social studies, highlights how, through stories and excellent narration of each lesson, the team helps students get to the heart of the chapter , making learning fun and exciting for them.

Students can even check out their website, WWW.JOTOBOTO.COM, for a free demo.


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