Lucknow University to help Sampurnanad Sanskrit University, with its e-learning app!


After the vice-chancellor of the University of Lucknow was given the additional charge of the Sanskrit University of Sampurnanad, he devised ways to reorganize the educational system of the institution. Apparently, LU will help the state’s oldest leading Sanskrit institute make its way into the world of online learning. With an agreement between the two institutions, students of Sanskrit University will benefit from the facilities of LU’s virtual-SLATE education platform.

Merge ideas from Digital India, Atmanirbhar Bharat & E-Shiksha

The Strategic Learning App for Transformative Education (SLATE) will usher in online learning opportunities for students at Sanskrit University. Apparently, officials from Lucknow University will visit the SSU campus in Varanasi to train teachers and staff in SLATE functions once the MoU is finalized.

A shining example of “Digital India”, “Atmanirbhar Bharat” and “E-Shiksha”, SLATE will expand the scope of education at Sanskrit University. It should be noted that there is no limit to the number of beneficiary students who can participate in the courses offered by the application.

Provisions relating to the handing over of work, tests and evaluations

In addition to virtual classrooms, SLATE would also encapsulate provisions for online testing and assessment. In addition, students will be able to submit their homework in a virtual format via SLATE.

This innovative platform can be used from a range of devices including mobiles, laptops and computers. Since Sankrit University welcomes national and international students, the app should benefit people all over the world.


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