Local Language Learning App Entri.app Raises $7M in Series A Funding from Omidyar Network India and Others

Mohd Hisam – Founder and CEO

Entri.app, with over 8 million users, is focused on improving the employability of 40 million people in the 18-35 age group by empowering them to learn content in their language local

Entri.app, a unique e-learning app that empowers aspirants through its local language lessons to improve their skills for growth in the private sector and pass exams for government jobs, raised $7 million dollars in a Series A investment round led by Omidyar Network India with participation from Boston-based Innospark Ventures and Integrated Capital, a Hong Kong-based private equity firm. This funding round follows the company’s $3.1 million seed round and brings the total capital raised to $10.1 million.

Leading angel investors Pinterest and Coinbase board member Gokul Rajaram and Sriram Krishnan, partner at Silicon Valley venture capital firm Andreessen Horowitz (A16Z), also participated in the round, among others. . Funds raised in this round will be used for content development in existing and new languages, senior executive hires, and strategic acquisitions that will accelerate Entri’s growth.

Launched in 2017 by Mohammad Hisamouddin and Rahul Ramesh, Entri.app has over 8 million registered users with over 250,000 paid subscribers. It offers more than 500 courses in eight languages ​​– Malayalam, Tamil, Kannada, Telugu, Hindi, Marathi, Bengali and Odiya – to help candidates prepare for various government job exams and improve their private job prospects. .

Entri Founders
Some of its most popular course categories are Coding, Personal Finance, Spoken English, State PSC Exams, Nursing Certifications, Teacher Exams, and Technical Engineering Exams, among others.

The company offers cohort-based courses called Entri Gold that connect a group of students with an expert mentor who speaks their local language. The mentor ensures that the batch of aspirants achieve their goal through live interactive lessons, analysis, community group activities and personalized advice. Over 25,000 students have passed a government employment exam with the help of the Entri Gold program.

Entri.app has partnered with various content creators (online and offline) such as coaching institutes, educators and influencers to generate quality content. So far, they have enrolled 30 influencers in different languages ​​with a combined following of 20 million subscribers for their skills courses and aim to enroll 100 more in 2022. As part of its creator model, Entri.app also recently acquired the TS Madaan YouTube channel, one of the largest skill YouTube channels in India with over 11 million subscribers.

“Entri.app is focused on the non-English speaking segment in India which has over 40 million people in the 18-35 age bracket. We believe that with the right kind of training and learning in their native speakers, they can improve their chances of employability and increase their earnings capabilities.We are focused on this segment and strongly believe that we can impact the lives of over 4 million users over the next 3 years. with the kind of lead we have,” says Mohammed Hisamuddin, Founder and CEO of Entri.app.

“Millions of young learners across the country are looking to acquire skills so they can find employment in the private or public sector or become self-employed. These learners need contextualized solutions for them, ie an offer in the local language, affordable, a range of courses from which they can choose. Entri.app has made great strides in terms of the variety of courses offered, the number of local languages ​​supported, and the number of students accepting the offer. We are delighted to support the Entri.app team as they pursue their mission to become the #1 learning destination for “next half billion” users to improve their employability and skills. gain,” says Sarvesh Kanodia, Director, Omidyar Network India.

“I’m thrilled to support Hisam and the amazing team at Entri.app. Unlike other education/learning apps that focus on academics and courses, Entri.app focuses on courses that help build practical, tangible skills and help people find jobs. Their mission is incredibly fundamental to India and Indian people, and I couldn’t be prouder to be involved in their journey,” says Gokul Rajaram , board member of Pinterest and Coinbase.

“The kind of impact Entri has created with over 8 million users in India has been truly inspiring. Delighted to partner with the Entri team at this stage where they are ready for even more impact and growth across India,” says Venkat Srinivasanmanaging director at Innospark Ventures.

About Entri.app

Entri.app is a vernacular learning app for job skills with 8 million registered users and over 350,000 new users added monthly. Entri provides different types of content like videos, mock exams, study cards and podcasts in local languages ​​that help its users to pass exams for the government. jobs or perfecting them for private employment.

Entri, co-founded by Mohammed hisamuddin and Rahul Ramesh, started with Malayalam content and now has over 500 courses in 8 different Indian languages. Entri has so far attracted over 250,000 paying users.

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Innospark Ventures is a Boston-based VC investing in founders and ideas that have a disruptive impact on our economy and society

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