Learnflix presents the Student Teacher Connect feature on the learning app



Functionality to enable highly effective teaching-learning and simplify interactivity between teacher and students in times of pandemic.

S. Chand and Co., a textbook and educational content company, has added a new Student-Teacher Connect feature to its existing learning app – Learnflix. Student-Teacher Connect functionality reduces the mismatch between application functionality and allows teachers to better control and command to modulate content delivery to students.

Learnflix aims to empower teachers with the new Student-Teacher Connect tool by facilitating virtual teaching while giving them full control over the process. Teachers can now functionally use this feature to explain the concepts of their respective classes to students during online and offline lessons. They can also create assignments at any time by simply clicking on a tab in the app. Teachers can now host a live lesson whenever they want for any subject or topic and can also review / review student performance for the test and homework they have attempted. In addition, teachers can also send notifications anytime to a student on any topic or topic and the student will receive the immediate notification in their account. All of these new features bridge the communication gap and feedback loop between teachers and students, especially in an age when contact is only virtual.

On the other hand, students can expect more intuitive involvement and engagement with teachers, immediate responses, quick turnaround times, and a simpler communication process, which saves time and effort. to make the learning process more efficient.



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