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Gateway Ranch

The Gateway Ranch is Redlands Conservancy’s outdoor education center and the starting point for more than 20 miles of trails north and south of the ranch. Owned by the Otis Hudson family since the 1950s, the town of Redlands and the Regional Conservation Authority acquired it in 2016.

“We need to learn to preserve our environment more responsibly,” said Kathy Havert. “That’s the primary focus of our educational activities at Gateway Ranch, and that’s what I’ll be talking about at the April 27 roundtable.”

A retired educator and volunteer, Havert is the Outdoor Education and Native Plant Restoration Coordinator at Redlands Conservancy’s Gateway Ranch, 31313 Live Oak Canyon Road. The 12-acre ranch is quickly becoming the region’s headquarters for the outdoor experience.

Kathy Havert

“Our demonstration garden shows which plants are best for our environment and which grow with less water. We teach how to group plants according to sun and soil needs, and how to – make sure it doesn’t – water,” she said. “A lot of people overwater their plants.”

Havert coordinates the project to restore native plants and research the best plants for our environment. Dr. James Blauth and Dr. Dustin Van Overbeke, biology teachers and Environmental Studies at the University of Redlands and Riverside Lands Conservancy, are engaged in research and development of plants for the ranch.

Havert kicks off a series of educational activities at the ranch next month:


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