Launch of a free mobile learning application


A local publishing house, Spring Hub Publishing, has launched a free mobile learning app called Nytra which has been approved by the Ministry of Primary and Secondary Education (MoPSE).

Spring Hub Publishing CEO Nyunyai Machiwenyika said the app comes highly recommended by learners, teachers, parents, and school leaders.

“Nytra means eye, ziso in shona or ilihlo in Ndebele. It is an app that brings textbooks to life mainly using the powerful sense of the eye as it incorporates the modern learners’ love for short videos, gadgets and educational content that they have to absorb, ”said Machiwenyika.

“Nytra’s digital content is integrated into the publisher’s Spring Up textbooks which have been approved as a new competency-based curriculum, and therefore are highly relevant to learners in Zimbabwe. It is a very engaging learning method that invariably stimulates classroom participation and creative thinking in learners.

Machiwenyika said Nytra is the result of a smart partnership deal they struck with an India-based company to make it a possibility, confirming the benefits of bilateral trade deals between Zimbabwe and India.

“We appreciate MoPSE for its online learning dynamic in line with global trends. I thank the ministry for allowing Zimbabwe learners to access the benefits of this app as it is very timely, supporting distance and lifelong learning in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic, ”she said .

Nytra’s launch last week brought together representatives from MoPSE’s Technical Center for Program Development, school leaders and teachers, district school inspectors and other stakeholders.


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