Language-learning app Duolingo gets ‘biggest overhaul ever’ to make it less stressful



Duolingo has undergone what it says is its biggest overhaul ever, aimed at making the app less stressful to use.

The changes are a “competitive overhaul,” the company says, and attempt to address some of the issues users have had with the app.

Duolingo is now 10 years old and has become the most popular educational app in the world, used by millions of people to learn a variety of languages. But many have suggested the app also stresses people who use it, leading to its angry owl becoming something of a meme.

“We often heard learners say they weren’t sure if they were using Duolingo in the ‘right’ or ‘best’ way,” a Duolingo spokesperson said. “This redesign will make the learning journey much easier and rewarding.”

The company said the changes had undergone “rigorous testing and analysis of app data” to ensure the new design was more effective.

The redesign consists of a simplified user interface, more explicit instructions to guide learners, a new home page that also has a facelift, as well as the addition of features such as stories so that users can read and listen in same time.

The new feature includes a strategy called “spaced repetition,” Duolingo said, which means it’s good to keep coming back to a concept but then gradually lengthen the time between practicing it. This helps it stay in memory, the app said.


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