KaiPod Learning provides an alternative in-person learning environment to traditional instruction in the Phoenix area


These centers provide a small group, in-person experience for online learners and homeschoolers with a focus on academic support, socialization, and interactive enrichment.

KaiPod Learning recently opened its first Arizona locations in Scottsdale, Gilbert and Glendale. Their centers are designed specifically for self-paced learning; each child is matched with a peer group of eight to 10 students and an experienced learning coach who provides one-on-one academic support, tailored enrichment activities (such as art, coding, music) and collaboration opportunities.

“We pride ourselves on offering a personalized approach in an imaginative professional environment that offers learners the opportunity to thrive given their individual academic, social and personal needs.” said KaiPod Learning CEO Amar Kumar. “We are excited about our new locations in Phoenix and supporting local families on their educational journey.”

KaiPod Learning Centers are run by experienced ‘learning coaches’, all of whom are former teachers who want to work with students one-on-one. They support each learner’s academic goals, course progression, and provide opportunities for socialization in small groups.

A recent case study by Center on Reinventing Public Education called KaiPod Learning “The best gig in education right now.” The study also highlights KaiPod Learning’s mission: “Kumar believes that this kind of hybrid model of online and real-world education can meet the needs of parents who want more control over the learning environments of their children, educators who want to focus on building relationships and retaining experiences, and students who want more social and hands-on activities to accompany their online learning.”

KaiPod Learning supports students in grades three through 12 using any online school or home school program. The center is open Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 3:30 p.m., offering two-day, three-day, and five-day plans to give families the flexibility to fit their schedule and budget (accepting ESA Payments as an approved provider of ClassWallet). To learn more about KaiPod Learning, visit kaipodlearning.com.


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