IPOPHL is the first to launch an e-learning platform in Southeast Asia


MANILA, Philippines — The Intellectual Property Office of the Philippines (IPOPHL) is the first entity in Southeast Asia to launch an e-learning platform as part of intellectual property (IP) rights awareness efforts .

IPOPHL Managing Director, Rowel Barba, announced the launch of the IPOPHL Learning Activities Workspace (ILAW), the first online platform for learning about IP in the region.

“In line with our digital transformation journey, our IP Academy has launched ILAW to ensure the health and safety of stakeholders amid the pandemic and the utmost convenience for anyone wishing to learn IP,” said Barba.

ILAW offers introductory courses in intellectual property, trademarks, copyright and patents.

Barba said ILAW is part of IPOPHL’s push for innovation to achieve economic growth.

“ILAW is aligned with IPOPHL’s goal of creating an IP-conscious Philippines through balanced and effective IP learning and education. This, in turn, will foster innovation and creativity among our people and spur more inclusive socio-economic growth and development in the country,” Barba added.

IPOPHL also aimed to offer master courses for more advanced IP learners through the platform in the future.

IP Academy, which serves as a center for IP education and professionalization, also seeks to forge partnerships with educational institutions, government agencies and international partners through ILAW.

“Through ILAW, the IP Academy aligns with IPOPHL’s BRIGHT strategic goals and aims to support the intellectual property learning initiatives of the Association of Southeast Asian Nations,” said said IP Academy Director Frederick Romero.

So far, the ILAW platform has attracted more than 1,000 users, including those from China, Sri Lanka, Palestine, India, Kuwait, Nigeria, South Africa and the United Kingdom. .

The World Intellectual Property Organization, for its part, has praised IPOPHL’s efforts to promote the teaching of intellectual property.

“ILAW affirms IPOPHL’s continued commitment to integrating IP knowledge and education and IP human resource development, and providing in-depth IP training to various stakeholders across the Philippines, including teachers, MSMEs (micro, small and medium enterprises), startups, creators, inventors, women and youth,” said Altaye Tedla, Education Program Manager remotely from the WIPO Academy.


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