How the school district provides a healthy learning environment


Contribution of GSF-USA

The challenge

The Medinah School District in Roselle, Illinois serves more than 600 students in its elementary, middle and middle schools. Since the neighborhood operates with the motto “Every student. Each day. It’s no surprise that he sought a thoughtful approach to maintaining his schools in the wake of the novel coronavirus pandemic.

Teachers, students, parents and administrators had reservations about returning to face-to-face learning in the 2020-2021 school year and wanted to be sure that the district was prioritizing the well-being of all those who learn. and work in these buildings, as well as the community. in general.

“Our main goal at Medinah School District is to provide a healthy environment for students and conducive to high quality learning,” said Marco Rajcevich, Director of Operations for Medinah School District. “By rethinking the way we clean and introducing safer solutions, we can meet today’s challenges.

The solution

In August 2020, GSF-USA, a global provider of cleaning services, installed an On-Site Generation System (OSG) from PathoSans in each of the schools in the district. PathoSans systems use three simple ingredients – water, salt and electricity – to produce two electrochemically activated solutions (ECA): PathoClean, a cleaner / degreaser, and PathoCide, a sanitizer / disinfectant.

The systems support GSF’s promise to clean for health and safety through the use of non-irritating cleaning and disinfection solutions. The neighborhood also knows that cleaning solutions are always available because they are generated daily in the cupboards of schools. On-site and on-demand generation of cleaner and disinfectant eliminates reliance on shipments of conventional cleaning chemicals from suppliers.

“At GSF, we are proud to recruit, train and retain employees who are champions of cleanliness at our customers’ sites. We provide employees with the tools they need to do their jobs well, ”said Grant Mackall, Director of Operational Services at GSF. “The PathoSans system fits perfectly with our goals and neighborhoods because employees always have the cleaning solutions they need to maintain buildings.

The results

Through the use of PathoSans systems, GSF-USA and the district have achieved the following benefits:

1. Eradicate the pathogens of concern.

PathoSans solutions have been shown to be effective against human coronavirus and other viruses more resistant to disinfection. PathoCide has been proven by an independent GLP laboratory to inactivate the SARS-CoV-2 virus in 60 seconds on a pre-cleaned surface and in 10 minutes in a one-step process when produced by an on-site generator and used as a indicated. In addition to inactivating viruses, the solutions are also effective in killing a wide variety of bacteria and fungi. According to Mackall: “It’s easy to find cleaning chemicals that kill the pathogens of concern. The challenge is to find chemicals that are safe enough to use every day. With PathoSans, we have effective and safe solutions. ”

Although PathoSans solutions look like water, they are well suited to tackle today’s viral, bacterial and fungal threats. PathoClean allows surface cleaning and biofilm removal prior to disinfection to ensure workers can effectively kill or inactivate pathogens. Regular, long-term use of PathoClean helps restore hard surface finishes without leaving residue that can affect appearance and attract dirt.

2. Reassure students, parents and staff that schools are clean.

The pandemic has raised fears for the cleanliness of public facilities. District cleaning processes go a long way in reassuring teachers, students and parents that district buildings are being thoroughly cleaned with effective, non-irritating solutions. Rajcevich adds, “With the help of GSF and PathoSans, I am confident that the students will return safely to the Medinah school district. “

3. Allow for in-person learning opportunities.

Neighborhood buildings are cleaned more frequently, making the use of environmentally friendly products crucial. Conventional chemicals can be toxic and corrosive and pose risks to the environment and health. With no added fragrances and three ingredients, PathoClean and PathoCide help maintain good indoor air quality and will not worsen conditions such as allergies and asthma, creating a better learning environment for students and faculty. .

4. Make cleaning teams accountable.

The security teams want to know that their work contributes to the overall success of the neighborhood. By using products that kill pathogens without compromising safety, employees feel empowered to do their best so students can focus on learning. Luis Tovar, Branch Manager at GSF, says: “Thanks to our partnership with PathoSans, I have what I need to do my job well. It’s a safe environment where I feel confident to work.

“The PathoSans system has helped us create healthier learning environments in the Medinah school district,” Mackall added. “We use the best products available. Because they are responsible, efficient and always available, PathoClean and PathoCide meet the needs of the greatest number and bring comfort to all.

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