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Vice-president of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City Duong Anh Duc

Yesterday, the Steering Committee for the Prevention and Control of Covid-19 and Economic Recovery in Ho Chi Minh City had a meeting with the localities on the prevention of the Covid-19 epidemic and the socio-economic recovery.

Speaking at the meeting, Vice President Duc recognized and praised the efforts of localities and agencies that have helped improve prevention indicators for the Covid-19 epidemic in Ho Chi Minh City during last week. There has been a decrease in the number of people infected with Covid-19 and in deaths.

Mr. Duong Anh Duc wishes the localities and units to continue to maintain a high level of vigilance, prevention of epidemics with the best efforts to bring down the indices, in particular at Christmas, New Year and Lunar New Year 2022.

Ho Chi Minh City People’s Committee vice chairman Duong Anh Duc highlighted the communication work, calling for the willingness of city dwellers to follow preventive measures for a safe vacation. If the city’s epidemic alert level remains at 1 or 2, the municipal administrations will organize activities.

Regarding vaccination coverage, the vice president of the People’s Committee of Ho Chi Minh City suggested that the districts and the city of Thu Duc speed up the vaccination schedule to ensure that people 18 years of age or older have all received enough vaccines. , especially for those at risk. The administration of the additional dose and the booster dose should be carried out quickly, until January 2022. The HCMC Ministry of Health should coordinate with the localities to distribute the vaccines and mobilize forces to support the localities.

As for treatment drugs, he called for them to be distributed immediately, quickly and in sufficient quantity to those in need, especially those at high risk.

Regarding policies to support basic health care, Mr. Duc said that Ho Chi Minh City seeks the opinion of the Ministry of Health on basic health care policies and regimes, mobilizing health workers private sector to participate in the prevention and treatment of patients with Covid-19. .

He stressed the need to ensure that the source of oxygen is not interrupted in the treatment of Covid-19. At the same time, the health sector must continue to promote the network of companion doctors to support telehealth and consultation.

Certain cultural and sports activities are currently suspended due to the epidemic of the Covid-19 virus. The Directorate of Culture and Sports will propose to the Popular Committee a break or a reopening of these activities.

At the same time, the Ministry of Labor, Invalids and Social Affairs should implement policies to support people affected by the Covid-19 epidemic and a plan to take care of the poor during the Lunar New Year (holidays of Tet).

Ho Chi Minh City’s Department of Health Director Tang Chi Thuong said the southern metropolis has no shortage of vaccines and drugs.

HCMC will maintain the best learning environment for children ảnh 2 Director of the Department of Health of Ho Chi Minh City Tang Chi Thuong

According to the director, the city has received more than 98,000 doses of Molnupiravir and is on the verge of receiving an additional 25,000 doses. Regarding vaccines, the city has nearly 1.2 million doses of AstraZeneca, more than 555,000 doses of Pfizer, more than 28,000 doses of VeroCell. The Ministry of Health will also continue to provide vaccines.

Therefore, Dr Thuong proposed that the localities promote vaccination, speed up the distribution of treatment bags and provide the antiviral drug Molnupiravir.

Regarding the progress of the campaign to protect groups at risk after 15 days of implementation in the city, on December 22, the neighborhoods and the city of Thu Duc have drawn up a list of 584,403 people in the group. at risk. Of these, nearly 41,400 people received the first vaccine injections representing 7%, more than 518,300 people received the second vaccine doses representing almost 89% and more than 24,400 people were not injected. representing 4%.

He revealed that during the first two pilot weeks of in-person learning for grade 9 and 12 students, the Department of Education and Training and the Department of Health found 40 students and 7 teachers to be infected. by the coronavirus. The health sector and schools treated them in accordance with the regulations.

By Staff Editors – Translated by Anh Quan


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