Has e-learning been a success?


During the Covid-19 pandemic, schools closed around the world, leaving more than 1.2 billion children out of the classroom and having to resort to online schooling. Due to school closures, education has changed dramatically with the rise of online learning on digital platforms such as Zoom, Google Meet and Microsoft Teams. For some people online learning was great, but others found it challenging and challenging. As a writer, I had to experience online learning during lockdown and I will discuss how I found my experience. E-learning has also grown in popularity due to improved technology and user experience.

Viewing online learning positively Online learning has given students more control over their learning, as it gives them independent learning and more control over their own education and work environment. Online learning also allows students to go at their own pace as they have more time on their own to better understand what they are doing, for example the call is recorded they can always review the call if they haven’t made it clear something

Online courses allow for a more personalized work experience anywhere and anytime as there is no permanent teacher, which allows more independence and freedom to choose when they want to perform certain tasks and allows for a quieter workspace so students can really focus as they have fewer distractions

Another great feature of online learning is that all resources used by teachers stay online for students to view at their own pace, making it easy to locate any type of handed-in work and just if you wanted to refresh Any job. A useful feature that I have used is the Microsoft Teams assignment feature where you can track any work, see the due date and instructions and it helps you manage all your work in an easy way so you don’t do not forget

E-learning has also benefited teachers as well as students, as they have gained a better understanding of technology and used more online features within the school, such as Onenote, where all information and jobs can be stored easily.

However, some people feel that online learning means they are isolated, not very interactive and almost like a social disconnect. There can also be the problem of wifi problems and in some cases a lack of technical knowledge.

Online learning can become monotonous and boring as you stay focused on a screen and it can be difficult to concentrate and participate in class with many distractions at home such as social media and background disruptions such as pets and family members. You don’t move much either, you sit staring at a screen all day

People feel upset because online learning is different from school life as it excludes extra activities and just chatting with friends. 59% of students reported lower test scores, showing that they may not be getting the help they need online, possibly due to less interaction.

Overall in my opinion I think online learning was beneficial and successful as it was only temporary but it allowed me to be more independent and organized with my work and worry less about getting to school. It has also enabled many other features as teachers and students become better at using technology. However, I prefer to be at school because the atmosphere is better than staying at home in front of a screen all the time


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