Get wireless headphones, a language learning app for one low price


Bitten by the travel bug? Dealing with a pandemic has made traveling much more complicated, but now is a great time to start dreaming about your next destination and learn your native language.

uTalk lets you learn a new language on any device, making mastering a foreign language easier than ever. And right now, you can get a lifetime subscription to this convenient service and a pair of AI-powered wireless headphones to help keep you on track for just $ 49.99 with the Language Learning Pack. for life ft. uTalk and xFyro.

Over 30 million users are busy learning a new language with uTalk. It helps you learn the keywords and phrases of another language quickly, focusing on real and practical vocabulary. Listen to native speakers that have been recorded in uTalk’s recording studio, with the option to slow them down to perfect your pronunciation.

It is possible to learn languages ​​other than English, and there are currently over 140 languages ​​for you to choose from. Learn from any device, even offline, so you can work on the go. This lifetime subscription allows you to learn two different languages, working at your own pace. You will quickly see why it won the Queen’s Award for Innovation and Exporting, is the winner of the Chartered Institute of Language Threlford Cup in 2019 and why it got 4.3 stars on the App Store.

Need a good way to listen to your language lessons? The xFyro Active Noise Canceling AI-powered wireless earphones give you an ideal sound solution, delivering AI-powered active noise cancellation to optimize your listening experience and allow you to focus on understanding. They offer an impressive 100 hours of battery life, a custom-designed ergonomic fit, and are IPX5 water resistant so you can take them with them on a tough workout or in inclement weather.

Master a new language with peace of mind with the all-new AI-powered active noise canceling headphones with the ft Lifetime Language Learning Pack. uTalk and xFyro. This combo is available for only $ 49.99 for a limited time.


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