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Socio-emotional learning (SEL) is defined by Collaboration for academic, social and emotional learning as the process of developing self-awareness, self-control and interpersonal skills that are vital for academic, professional and personal success. But it goes beyond that, SEL can teach students life skills, help them develop a positive self-image, inspire them to take responsibility for their actions, and shape healthy relationships with the people around them.

A study of the American Journal of Community Psychology states that integrating SEL into schools results in a 24% improvement in social behaviors and overall less mental distress in students, which is a growing need for students inside and out of the classroom.

The Social-Emotional Learning Coalition – a network of organizations founded by Discovery Education to support school districts in their efforts to foster social and emotional growth and prepare K-12 students for their brightest future while providing educators with the resources they need they absolutely need – provides resources to help educators center SEL in any lesson or discipline. The Master Class Series About All Things SEL is a professional learning series that consists of four engaging videos featuring K-12 educators as they explain why SEL is important for educating the whole child and how to integrate SEL into lesson plans.

Coaching activities and discussion starters further support the professional learning activity independently or with a group of educators. At the end of the video and discussion, each educator will be able to answer questions such as:

  • What strategies do you incorporate into your daily teaching to help students share their feelings and emotions in a positive way?

  • How can creating opportunities for students to share their experiences or opinions contribute to richer discussions and deeper reflection?

Through this professional learning, educators can facilitate meaningful change in their students’ lives by using a simple SEL framework to take a closer look at their own lives, learn what fascinates them most about the world around them, and support their development.

The Social-Emotional Learning Coalition supports our educators nationwide and provides them with a framework to integrate SEL into basic education, bring these critical concepts to life, and help every student practice basic SEL skills in daily life.

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