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bevendean is the pre-preparatory day school of Danes Hill School in Oxshott, Surrey, England. Here, young learners aged three to six enjoy a fun and welcoming environment where they can explore and grow with confidence.

Inasmuch as

Danes Hill is set on 55 acres of lushly landscaped grounds, students here benefit from a broad and balanced curriculum that helps them develop valuable skills to become lifelong learners and independent adults.

They are exposed to all kinds of activities that provide valuable hands-on learning opportunities, whether on the school campus or during off-site visits.

As children learn most effectively when they are engaged, the school environment is built around a fun and exciting learning structure that allows them to enjoy the “early childhood” experience.

school facilities provide plenty of outdoor learning opportunities, encouraging children to learn through play and understand the world around them. For example, they can have fun on an outdoor adventure pirate ship and make weekly visits to the Paddock for Forest School. They also have access to the school’s heated swimming pool, the music room, the computer room and the library.

There are also state-of-the-art computer facilities so that children learn about technology from an early age.

There is always something to look forward to for them, as there are many fun events throughout the year. Children are immersed and involved in events such as harvest festivals, open houses, singing services, theater productions and sports days.

Children are fully cared for by the exceptional and caring teaching staff, and also enjoy a nutritious breakfast every day at school.

Support individual learning styles

Understanding that all students learn in different ways, instruction is tailored to each child’s individual needs.

As an inclusive school, each student is offered individual opportunities so that they can fulfill their potential.

Students also benefit from an ideal student-teacher ratio so that everyone gets enough personalized attention. There is also a full-time assistant in each class.

This means that students are able to master reading, writing and math very quickly in their early years, which helps them transition into mainstream school.

For those who need additional support, there is a dedicated team of specialist teachers who help overcome any obstacles.

The school also runs an EAL program to provide support for children who are not native English speakers.

Emphasis is on multi-sensory learning at Bevendean; the school is dedicated to developing strategies and methods that encourage independent learning across the curriculum. In addition, structured formal learning in school encourages the development of students’ social and interpersonal skills.

The holistic learning structure means that students are engaged in all aspects of learning, from language development to numeracy, with science, language, music, drama and physical activities built into the curriculum.

Languages ​​are a high priority at school, following the philosophy that language development is best cemented from an early age.

Students are encouraged to develop an awareness of the fundamentals of French through weekly sessions that incorporate music, games and puppets.

Parents who have sent their children to Bevendean praise the school as they watch their children develop to their full potential.

One said: “From the moment my children arrived at Bevendean, they were guided through their early school years with care, patience and understanding; by truly amazing staff. The teachers recognized their strengths and weaknesses and helped them to become well-rounded individuals. What an incredible start to their academic journey.

Come and discover the open day!

Private tours are offered throughout the school year, alternatively Bevendean will hold an open day on September 28 at the start of the school year.

Come and discover for yourself how your child can benefit from a well-rounded education in a fun and exciting learning environment that paves the way for a bright future.

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