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August 15, 2022

A message from Professor Caroline Bowsher, Academic Leader of the Digital Learning Environment and Chair of DLE Journal

Dear Colleague,

As part of the Flexible Learning Program, the final report of the Digital Learning Environment (DLE) Review Project has just been released. The report is the culmination of the work of the DLE Project Group and has been shaped by feedback from hundreds of students and staff.

The report covers the project’s high-level approach, principles, key requirements identified, recommendations and next steps. It is available to read in its entirety, along with a visual overview – which provides an overview of the report and breaks down its content:

What is the DLE exam?

The Digital Learning Environment (DLE) includes Central Learning Environment (CLE) technology (which may be a virtual learning environment such as Blackboard or another system such as Teams) – as well as the broad range of digital tools and applications needed to support teaching, learning and the student experience.

In May 2021, as part of the Flexible Learning Program, we created a group with colleagues across the University to consider what we want to see from our DLE and what support will be needed – with a view to delivering a new DLE over the next three to five years.

Our current CLE system, Blackboard Learn, has been in place for 14 years and is due for renewal in 2025. Procurement, implementation and business change will take at least three years, so there can be no delay in starting the process if we want to ensure that all students can continue to access a rich and engaging learning experience (in line with our flexible learning ambitions) after our current contract ends.

Learn more about the DLE project

As the project continues, we’ve captured all the essential information you need to know on a dedicated StaffNet page. The page features a timeline of activities so far, along with all key links and next steps. We will keep this page updated as the project develops.

Professor Caroline Bowsher


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